King Mo's first remarks after release by ZUFFA


Yesterday former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal was released by parent company ZUFFA, after making irate remarks about NSAC commissioner Pat Lundvall, for questions she asked him during the hearing.

Last night King Mo talked to Stephie "Crooklyn" Daniels and offered his first public remarks since the release.

"It is what it is. Of course, I want to fight for Strikeforce and fight for Zuffa, but if they want to cut me for what I said, then I can't take it back because it already happened. I have never been asked in such a condescending way if I could read or speak English like that. I did something wrong, so I can't really say I'm being treated unfairly. I don't know if it was excessive to cut me.

"Right now, I just want people to understand that I went in there respectfully and that I'm not playing the race card. I'm too old to play the race card. I'm established on the West Coast now and since I've been out here, I haven't experienced much racism. I've experienced some stereotypes and small prejudices here and there, but other than that, no, I haven't experienced too much, compared to when I was in the South. The woman's comments reminded me of times when I experienced racial insensitivity from other people.

"Zuffa made a decision just off what was said on Twitter. I don't know if they care about what happened. I'm pretty sure they didn't hear any of the audio. They just made a decision off what went down on Twitter. I'm pretty sure Keith Kizer and certain people at the commission are mad and I didn't mean any disrespect to Keith or the rest of the people in the commission. I just felt disrespected by that one person that asked if I could speak or read English.

"To me, that was a blatant insult. Just listen to the audio. You'll see."

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D241 site profile image  

3/28/12 10:10 PM by D241

 gotchya ;)

10Marlons site profile image  

3/28/12 8:31 PM by 10Marlons

 I think it is disrespectful to Andrie Arlovski. He lurks the forum and would be devastated by your comment. I also think it is mean to Mrs. Rogers who is also a huge MMA fan (no pun intended)

dstiff site profile image  

3/28/12 7:48 PM by dstiff

read his wiki page its got more info on why he was released.

Ocean6 site profile image  

3/28/12 6:51 PM by Ocean6


D241 site profile image  

3/28/12 6:47 PM by D241

 Coming from you,  Not-Sure-If-Serious If not, then coming from you, that's funny. If you're serious, come on, have a sense of humor. AA got knocked out in 19 seconds, he's a pro fighter, former champion. If Ms Rogers lasted longer, it's not only funny, but impressive, as well as an astute observation on my part considering at the time most people wouldn't think of that  :)

Chris27 site profile image  

3/28/12 6:28 PM by Chris27

FUck that site, only good thing they produced is the scouting report.I got banned for calling Snowden a contrarian. He threw a bitch fit and had me banned.Mo just needs to chill, if I were him I'd apologize to the lady right now, apologize to Dana/Zuffa for doing it, even if he doesnt mean it, play the game, serve your suspension and look to come back end of the year or whenever the suspension is up and sign with the UFC.I dont know Mo seems like he wont be a "yes master" type brotha. If he wants to be the best, fight the best and make bank he will be and look to get in the UFC.If he doesnt care then I'm sure the Bellator LHW div would love to have him.But in no way was that a racist question.

Hate420 site profile image  

3/28/12 6:12 PM by Hate420

This,Crooks Rocks.Good read BTW......I think Mo knows he was out of line after taking some time to think about it. Sure he might have felt,and probably was a bit disrespected,but you can't be throwing out the race card immediatly like that. Besides the Mousasi fight all his fight have been I am sure after a win or two he will be back.

Kostakio site profile image  

3/28/12 4:31 PM by Kostakio

Crooklyn makes this site and sport awesome. And she's very generous.

Crooklyn site profile image  

3/28/12 4:23 PM by Crooklyn

Thanks for the encouragement! 

chaplinshouse site profile image  

3/28/12 4:20 PM by chaplinshouse

 another great piece by the Crook, keep it up i feel a bit bad for him now but....  she could have been many negative things (and rightfully so) for asking him if he can read/speak.  He chose to go the race route.   He SHOULD have responded by saying "Can YOU?"  He also didn't seem to check if that's a standard question read from a script by the commission, or her own personal question.  If it's her own question, file a formal complaint on her.   And why, when you spend most of the time tweeting improper English, are you so sensitive to people wondering if you can read and speak proper English? Reading his tweets and hearing him talk, there's no way I'd guess he went to college.  If that is an insult, then umm... speak properly?  Why do people that want to be viewed as intelligent, present themselves as uneducated?  That'd be like me walking around pretending like I'm retarded, then I not only get offended when someone asks if I'm retarded, but I chalk it up to their racism.