Steven Seagal: I show Anderson & Lyoto a lot, but not everything I know

source: jimmykimmellive

7th degree black belt in Aikido Steven Seagal on the Jimmy Kimmel Show talks about teaching MMA.

"I'm a 7th degree black belt ... I will probably be an 8th degree some day ... the founder is dead and nobody alive can give me a 9th degree that I can think about.

"I'm teaching Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida ... I show them a lot, not everything I know. I show them punches and what we call Tai Sabaki .. mostly I am teaching them kicks and punches.

"There is a sigature kick that I have taught them that they have knocked champions out with and won world championships with.

"I'm asking them to kick to the head ... I don't think it hurts because they are asleep."

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Those photos of whiny UG member, RyanVonDoom, eating another guy's ass out are very disturbing and unnecessary.We know by his pathetic comments that he is a total faggot. We don't need photographic evidence.

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that video is hard to watchcasual fans or believers in the magic of traditional martial arts probably buy itI've met a few older guys who are in to martial arts and like to move their hands all fancy like that while they preach...martial arts nerds

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 Because you asked nicely.

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Hi sak.

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"OH NO! AN AGING MOVIE STAR HELPED REFINE AN MMA FIGHTERS TECHNIQUE! AND THE MMA FIGHTER CREDITED HIM FOR IT!"Why is this so hard for people? What about this causes such unending inner turmoil? I mean, I really don't get it.You don't like Seagal? Ok.But if you think that Anderson, Lyoto, Ed, and Steve all got together and decided to pull a massive troll job on the MMA World, then:1. Your Ego is that of Lovecraftian proportions.2. You are a fucking idiot.

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Full of shit like jackson

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