Manager: Fedor wants into the UFC, Dana is a liar

by Anton Gurevich | source:

Speaking exclusively to one of the biggest news websites in Russia,, M-1 Global boss Vadim Finkelstein spoke about the future of Fedor Emelianenko's Mixed Martial Arts career, and Dana White's recent comments about having no interest in signing "The Last Emperor".

UFC President Dana White recently said that he has zero interest in signing Fedor...

VF: You need to know Dana. If he says he has no interest in signing Fedor, then in fact, he really wants to. He says one thing, and doing another. How can you not want a fighter who can bring millions? Any fight with Fedor could break all the rating records in the UFC.

Maybe you should make the first step?

VF: We are open for dialogue. It’s just that Dana White thinks that we will come to him, kneel down and say: "We are ready for any conditions to sign a contract." Of course, this will never happen. Fedor deserves nothing but respect. But like I said, there’s still a high demand for Fedor. We are ready to have Fedor fighting in the UFC, it’s just that we need a normal offer. And the fact that White is always saying that offered us everything “on a silver platter” is a lie.

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Largenj site profile image  

4/17/12 9:21 PM by Largenj

Hope we see Fedor in the UFC soon, just feel that it won't happen...

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4/5/12 11:01 AM by fishyfish

"hi, my member since date says 2011 or 2012, but I've been here MUCH longer, and my Mom says I'm smarter than all the other kids. I average about 500 posts a month, because I'm so smart. it hasn't occurred to me yet that actually I'm pretty clueless."

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4/5/12 10:55 AM by Doctor mma

sowhat are d241 other accounts names?  

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4/5/12 10:14 AM by disbeliever

So many troll accounts in this thread, many by the same person

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4/4/12 11:31 PM by D241

 Right.  The whole world is delusional, and he is the only sane one, along with you-GOT IT!!

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4/4/12 9:49 PM by Auzzie

lol everyone that hates on doctor mma are butthurt fedor fans, or fans that pretend NOT to be butthurt about fedor's situation.

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4/4/12 9:37 PM by Largenj


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4/3/12 11:46 AM by Doctor mma

 Compared to you? Neither. I think its great that I have my own stalker in you, atleast I know I dont write to empty walls since you keep following me.

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4/3/12 10:18 AM by ThinkMMA

Who's a bigger joke? DoctorMMA or Fedor?

Doctor mma site profile image  

4/3/12 2:24 AM by Doctor mma

 No idea, and I dont need to know, its just clear that no one replies to themselves in less than an hour, so you just forgot to change account, kinda hilarious shit. And you are right, Fedor is kinda joke, not just april fools joke.He and his record is joke for whole year trough.