Mo Lawal apologizes for tweets directed at NSAC commissioner


If you don't know what King Mo is apologizing for, go here. You can't miss it.

"I was out of line for calling the woman the 'b' word and I was wrong for that," Lawal told CSN California. "I was kind of mad about the comments, I was offended by the comments made towards me and I was out of line. I was too emotional. I apologize for that.

"With that being said, I still feel that I was offended, but I'm in the wrong for what I said."

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ILikePsych site profile image  

4/1/12 10:18 PM by ILikePsych

Hmmm... Still no response and I've seen Kirik post in threads since this one...

ILikePsych site profile image  

3/31/12 11:06 PM by ILikePsych

Well aside from the individuals who may have been duped by the title, Kirik himself not only quoted but commented as well. You would think that considering he has final say on pretty much everything on here he would know, and understand, what he is commenting on. Chances are he's been in this thread since then (if not, he surely will be eventually; which is why I decided to quote myself) so I'm just curious to find out what he was apparently "feeling" when he decided to quote this particular comment. I find it hard to justify calling someone racist simply because the individual felt offended and was ill at the time; which is essentially what the OP stated and the "quoters" agreed with (Kirik included).

Neph site profile image  

3/31/12 10:46 PM by Neph

 I suspect they read the topic title (great work UG news....) and just assumed it was true. Unfortunately the thread title is bullshit. He still, essentially, is calling her a racist. Why? Because he called her a racist bitch, and pointedly only apologised for calling her a bitch. He went further to say that he still felt offended. Piss weak 'apology'.

ILikePsych site profile image  

3/31/12 10:07 PM by ILikePsych

So no rationalization from any one of you guys who quoted this?

MPA site profile image  

3/31/12 5:06 PM by MPA

She is a racist White Bitch. In fact she is a man hating white bitch. There.

Chiron site profile image  

3/31/12 4:23 PM by Chiron

fightharder, I used to be a King Mo fan. I stopped caring for him after he was gifted the decision over Mousasi. If you've followed him you'd realize he has always been outspoken, stubborn and arrogant. I'm not just being biased against him. I even defended him against people criticizing him for using a can of oxygen at the Cavalcante fight even though this was after I stopped being a fan. I'm not making any sense at all to you? You're trying to claim he deserves some slack because of the total situation he's in, but the fact is much of his current situation is his own fault. Had he kept it straight he'd have the injury/staph issues and that'd be where his problems stop, and I said I hope he recovers fully from those health concerns. The fact that he failed a drug test, was asked questions he found offensive, and was cut by Zuffa were all because of his actions. Besides, Mo has elected to be a public figure and there are certain responsibilities that he has to realize come along with that, especially when posting something on a social media outlet that he deliberately set up for as many people as possible to see. So a person doesn't have a right to feel their character is on trial unless it's in a situation where they are currently receiving no other related source of income? First, that is a ridiculous notion. Second, Lundvall is a lawyer and even if she has a practice outside of working for the commission, how she is perceived could affect that practice as well since it is a related job. What if she loses clients because of being branded a racist by Mo? Also, Mo could just as easily have a side practice as a wrestling coach or MMA coach just as she could as a lawyer outside the NSAC. Whether they do/don't/could/couldn't have a "side job" really has no bearing either way on whether they have the right to feel offended or not. Mo's statements with regards to her are an attempt at character assassination far more than the commission is doing to Mo. The commission member didn't test positive for a banned substance, she just asked common lawyer questions.Mo's criticizing of Kim Winslow could be taken by her to be sexist. What if she came out and said they were? Then some people said "They're not being sexist" and Winslow replied "Well, you're not a woman. You haven't experienced sexism so you cant know". Most of us would call BS on her because we realize she does a poor job as a ref and it has nothing to do with her sex. Well, Mo was disciplined by the NSAC and asked standard questions due to his failed drug test and sketchy story at the hearing - it had nothing to do with his race. Let's break down the case here:1) Before the fight Mo falsified an official NSAC pre-fight questionnaire by claiming he took nothing but knowing this wasn't true- this includes OTC supplements and prescription drugs.2) Mo failed the drug test. 3) After failing the drug test Mo tried to claim his failed test was due to an OTC supplement. He claimed this even though he knows he didnt list them on the questionnaire.4) Mo claims he only wrote that he took nothing on the questionnaire because he didn't know what supplements/drugs he was on, only his manager did. He made this claim despite the fact that he's earlier stated for the media that the positive test was due to an OC supplement that he himself bought at a Max Muscle called S-Mass.5) Right after Mo said he filled out the form his manager said he was the one who filled it out and Mo only signed it. This statement was made only minutes after Mo said he only wrote nothing on the form because his manager wasn't there yet. It was only after his manager stepped in and said he filled it out and Mo only signed it that she asked Mo if he could read and understand English. She asked these questions to keep Mo from potentially later trying to claim that he was ignorant of what his manager wrote and that shouldn't be held responsible for what his manager wrote because he couldn't understand it. She only started to sound anywhere near condescending (and even then it's debatable) when Mo and his manager were offering contradictory statements, making statements that showed they made false claims, and were trying to step around questions. Even then it doesn't really sound condescending, just like someone trying to get the questions answered accurately. You know, Mo is always making ignorant assumptions and comments shooting down peoples opposing views or opinions, not with rationale discussion, but by making claims like "Well, they're not a fighter so they dont know" or "They're not an athlete so they don't know the difference between being hurt and injured". Well, Mo's not a lawyer or a commission member, so by his own rationale, he doesn't know what is or isn't a valid question, right? I'm not saying that's what I believe, but that's how he reasons things so by his own reasoning he should just shut up and recover his health. But the thing is, that goes against him here so now he doesn't like it. You say it's the Commission's job to "display behavior which is beyond reproach". Well, here's my take on that:1) Why is that only the job of the Commission but not the fighter? After all, they're both supposed to be acting in a professional capacity. The fighter is just as obligated to do so. 2) Mo made potentially sexist, false claims of racism in public statements on TWitter where he wants people to view his statements. He didn't vent to a friend in private. It wasn't even in an interview. It was in a deliberately typed unprovoked fashion. That wasn't professional and it is a fact he made these statements. It is only your opinion that the Commission member was being condescending, and you make this claim despite the fact that she only asked after Mo and his manager were making inconsistent statements, admitting to lying on the documents, and SEVERAL LAWYERS HERE HAVE STATED THIS IS A STANDARD LINE OF QUESTIONING. She didn't use the "N-word" like his manager did, nor did she use any derogatory term. If you guys consider what she said condescending then it seems to me it's only because you are overly sensitive. It's a hearing and she's a Commission member/lawyer asking a guy who failed his drug test questions after he just admitted to lying on a medical questionnaire for God's sake. Now, you're calling me a douchebag because my views on this are different than yours and you believe he should be cut some slack and I don't. I'm only defending the ones who haven't done anything wrong in this instance, despite the fact I don't care for the NSAC. It's been established by the lawyers who post on this very forum that this is a standard line of questioning, there is verifiable proof that she has asked the same question of a white fighter who failed his drug test, Mo has failed his test and has inconsistencies in his story, and his manager has made many racist statements in the past. The only ones in the wrong here are Mo and his manager. You know, Mo didn't just call her a racist, he called her a racist bitch. He apologized for the "bitch" part but not for the rest even though the facts show his reasoning for calling her that was wrong. If he wants to be cut any slack he needs to forget the half-assed apology and make a full apology, admitting he was wrong for calling her racist as well. It annoys me that guys like Mo cry wolf with false racism claims because they know they were really the ones in the wrong but instead of taking responsibility for their actions and admit wrongdoing they try to pull the race card to get cut some slack. That just does a disservice to all the times, and there are plenty, that racism really negatively affects peoples lives when they were innocent. So as it stands, no, Mo doesn't deserve any slack.

NorthSlopePipeNinja site profile image  

3/31/12 4:17 PM by NorthSlopePipeNinja

From another Mo threadKwikTempah10 hours agoI've been asked in court if I understand English and if I can read English , it was at an employment tribunal to do with a contract dispute . not only am I white .... I'm also English .who should be more offended , me or mo ?I didn't get offended , I just assumed they ask everyone that if they have signed contracts in that language and had negotiations in that language . can't stand people like Mo , need to grow the fuck up !

Unseen site profile image  

3/31/12 1:55 PM by Unseen


fightharder site profile image  

3/31/12 12:47 PM by fightharder

Jesus,You are really a douche-bag. First of all commission members should not feel offended because their character is never on trail. Nor are they usually just commission members so the task the are providing is not really intricately connected to their personality or way of life in the same way that fighting does for the fighter before the commission.Secondly,they guy just was within an inch of his life and obviously has a long arduous recovery on the way.He also lost everything he held dear and it is still doubtful things will ever return to the way they where. So guilty or not guilty of taking the steroids it is obvious he been dealing with some issues most of us (including myself) would never really understand.So you are obviously making no sense at all and seem base your judgment more on personal dislike then anything else.I feel bad for you that this colors you comments in such a way that you seem rather big douche (he might not be in general).My two centsNow it was bad of him to play the race card. I am not live in the States myself but i do think their is a tendency to overreact when it comes to race in certain situations (also speaking from personal experience....because i do get the privilege of visiting the States on occasion). Nonetheless,it is the commission job to display behavior that is beyond reproach. These people sit in judgment over other people because they have certain qualifications that most other people do not. You do not simply become a judge or sit on a tribunal because you know the law....something more is needed. Hence commissioners should a better standard of behavior then all other citizens. Taking that into account the phrasing she used is condescending.This might not warranted Lawal's reaction but it does show that the commission obviously is not acting in a way that is beyond reproach.Lawal needs to heal up and then Dana should rehire him Asap. If he would win his first fight in Strikeforce we would have another Cinderella story.And those are just good for business. (rehire managemnt though...because making statements like''Lawal is no house * is just plain ignorant).

catbath site profile image  

3/31/12 11:59 AM by catbath

He should have done a Torres. Unconditional apology.Not only could that have saved his job, it would have been the right thing to do. It was a standard legal question. Shame on his manager for not knowing that.