Dana White: Dos Santos is Chuck Liddell like

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly.com

Junior Dos Santos wreaked havoc in the UFC’s biggest division picking up wins over Fabricio Werdum, Stefan Struve, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Gilbert Yvel, Gabriel Gonzaga, Roy Nelson, Shane Carwin, and then his title fight win over Cain Velasquez.

He now faces former K-1 Grand Prix champion Alistair Overeem for his first title defense; UFC president Dana White is still very interested to see how he fares with such a difficult stylistic match-up.

“For me, the question is how is Dos Santos going to deal with the kicks and the knees and the elbows? Since he’s been in the UFC, I’ve never seen him have to deal with that. It’s stuff that he’s going to have to deal with from Alistair Overeem,” White said recently.

“He’s fought a pretty one-dimensional fight, he’s fought very Chuck Liddell like in that he’s great at defending the takedown, he drops bombs, he throws heavy punches, but he’s never dealt with anybody who’s going to throw kicks and knees and work in the clinch the way that Alistair Overeem does."

“I’m real curious to see how Junior Dos Santos is planning on dealing with that.”

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Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

4/1/12 11:05 AM by Gnarls Gnarlington

this will be Overeems first real test in years.

Mookie Blaylock site profile image  

3/31/12 12:00 PM by Mookie Blaylock

I'm uber pumped for this fight.

leque site profile image  

3/31/12 11:57 AM by leque

Everyone thought that would happen as Diaz would get slaughtered and I. Fact we saw Diaz trip up a lot. The fact is Diaz wrecked cowboy because of his boxing

leque site profile image  

3/31/12 11:55 AM by leque

See Diaz vs cowboy

Infamous Ed site profile image  

3/31/12 9:01 AM by Infamous Ed

I see the similarities in their sprawl n' brawl game but chuck was more of a one shot counterpuncher while JDS is a versatile combination boxer.

Andy the man site profile image  

3/31/12 7:29 AM by Andy the man

Similar to Liddell in the way that he is fed mainly Grapplers, Then is fed a Striker and is sparked out?Yep, That's the thing they have in common.

TwoCanVanneDamne site profile image  

3/31/12 6:49 AM by TwoCanVanneDamne

He's similar to Liddell but IMO he does everything better. I'm leaning towards jds over reem but it really could go either way.Great fight

Acidic site profile image  

3/31/12 5:51 AM by Acidic

l Key factor is Stance, boxers and kickboxers have different stances. When a kickboxer kicks a boxer the boxer usually ends up tripping or falling due to his stance. If not that the boxers legs are tooken out of him. Also Boxers these days arnt nearly as aggresive as they were before which would give moe time to the kickboxer to do what ever. History also repeats its self kickboxers always slaughter boxers. Boxers live in  a delusional world somewhat like TOney did. Youre not invincible. Youre not going to land a one hit ko punch against before i kick or shoot in.  

KwikTempah site profile image  

3/31/12 5:38 AM by KwikTempah

Think he's getting Chuck confused with Vitor Belfort ...... and JDS confused with Phil Baroni .

leque site profile image  

3/30/12 10:58 PM by leque

Another one???? You really think top boxers and top KICKBOXERS are even in the same league. hahahahaOh I get it, they have kicks. That must resolve the issue. More tools.... Right