Meltzer: King Mo, Phil Baroni considering pro wrestling

by Daver Meltzer | source:

On January 7 in Las Vegas Nevada Muhammed "King Mo" beat Lorenz Larkin, earning a shot at the vacant Strikeforce light heavyweight title.

Then he tested positive for the Performance Enhance Drug Drostanolone.

In a hearing before the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Lawal contended that the positive test was due to his use of the OTC supplement S Mass Lean Gainer, which has since been recalled. However, on his pre fight questionnaire he no where mentions the supplement, and was sharply questioned about the omission by NSAC commissioner Pat Lundvall.

Lawal took offense at Lundvall's questions, notably when she asked him in succession "Can you understand English?" and "Can you read English?"

Shortly after the hearing, Lawal called Lunvdall a "racist b---" on twitter and continued "Go on somewhere with that bulls--- b----!!" 

Shortly after that he was released from his contract with Strikeforce parent company ZUFFA.

The commission declared his win over Larkin a No Contest, fined him $39,000 (30% percent of his $80,000 show purse, and 100% of his $15,000 win bonus, suspended for nine months, and he is subject to further testing in order to be relicensed.

The retesting before relicensing is a formality. The NC might not even affect a title shot. The suspension was not too onerous, as Lawal is recovering from a series of surgeries to combat a life-threatening staph infection that was in turn contracted from an ACL surgery.

The fine however hurts.

Because the knee surgery was for a pre existing condition (torn ACL) it was not covered by ZUFFA’s insurance polic, and Lawal faces over $100,000 in medical bills. NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer told Lawal he could pay the $39,000 fine when he returns to MMA.

Now it appears Lawal may try his hand at pro wrestling.

Lawal immediately expressed interest in going to WWE. He’s had interest in the past. He was recruited years ago by Gerald Brisco, and at the time said he would be interested in going in 2008 because he first wanted to go to the Olympics. However, he lost in overtime in the finals at the Olympic trials. He had interest in both WWE and MMA after the Olympics but made the call to do MMA, feeling he could always do WWE after a few years of MMA, but couldn’t do it in the other direction.

Lawal grew up in Tennessee as a big fan of Jerry Lawler (hence the “King” gimmick) and several of the WCW stars like Ric Flair, Booker T and Arn Anderson, was in OVW briefly years ago. In a discussion with Shad Gaspard, Gaspard told him that he wished he stayed in fighting and had a career there before pro wrestling and encouraged Lawal to do the same. Lawal had always said when he grew up that his goal was to win an Olympic gold medal in wrestling (he came up slightly short), then win a world championship in fighting, and follow that by winning a world championship as a pro wrestler.

Later in the newsletter Meltzer revealed that Phil Baroni too may try his hand at pro wrestling.

Former UFC fighter Phil Baroni has expressed interest in a career as a pro wrestler. He’s talked about it in the past as something he would like to do once his career in MMA was over and now has thought more about possibly giving it a try.

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ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

4/1/12 1:18 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 he should, needs to make a living

Fat Guys Food site profile image  

4/1/12 1:11 PM by Fat Guys Food

I see a jersey shore gimmick in Baroni's future

stevekt site profile image  

4/1/12 1:06 PM by stevekt

A lot of guys out there are great athletes with years of experience in the indy pro-wrestling feds that still do not make it in the WWE. Being a successful WWE Superstar is not something you simply fall back on. King Mo should re-think his Plan B.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

4/1/12 1:00 PM by RyannVonDoom

Baroni has the charisma mo does not. Both wouldnt be able to handle the schedule.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

4/1/12 11:57 AM by Bobby Lupo

 Baroni and Mo would be awesome

Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

4/1/12 11:56 AM by Masakatsu Funaki


Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

4/1/12 11:56 AM by Masakatsu Funaki

Mo is no Booker T, that's for sure.

Large Fun Bags site profile image  

4/1/12 11:55 AM by Large Fun Bags

 This. Mo is too racist to do wrestlemania, he'll just bitch about everything

crumbs site profile image  

4/1/12 11:48 AM by crumbs

A house nigguh? But mo ain't no house nigguh! His agent said so. His white agent.

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

4/1/12 11:48 AM by Barry_BondsMVP

 he does talk frequently with Gerald Briscoe