Kampmann vs. Ellenberger to decide no.1 welterweight contender

source: ufc.com

A new welterweight contender will emerge on Friday, June 1 at the Pearl at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas when rising stars Jake Ellenberger and Las Vegas resident Martin Kampmann lock horns in a pivotal five-round main event. Plus, a phenomenal season of The Ultimate Fighter® Live will come to an end as the UFC® crowns its next Ultimate Fighter with a six-figure contract to compete in the world’s premiere mixed martial arts organization.

The event will air live on FX at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

“The welterweight division is stacked and Jake Ellenberger and Martin Kampmann are going to fight for the chance to earn a title shot,” UFC President Dana White said. “They will headline the season finale of TUF Live on FX to crown the next Ultimate Fighter. There’s a lot at stake for the guys competing on this card at the Palms.”

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Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

4/4/12 11:08 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

i think Kampmann loses this one badly. I like both fighters.

ElTriangulo site profile image  

4/4/12 12:45 PM by ElTriangulo

Kampmann hopefully wins this. One of my favourite fighters.

japetto site profile image  

4/4/12 12:44 PM by japetto

I get it.  It's just that "interim champion" really means that certain circumstances have solidified a fighter as a number one contender.  Oh, and you get a belt proving so.  ;)

epwar site profile image  

4/4/12 12:38 PM by epwar

Exactly. Say GSP vs. Condit happens in November (an early optimistic outlook), then the next time the champ fights would be in Feb. 2013 (again, an optimistic guess).  That means the winner of the no. 1 contender's match would have not fought in 9 months.  

UGCTT_Fillthy site profile image  

4/4/12 12:35 PM by UGCTT_Fillthy

"Jake Ellenberger and Martin Kampmann are going to fight **for the chance** to earn a title shot..."Shut your weasel mouth, Dana. FWIW - Kampmann beat Sanchez, got hosed on the ridiculous Daley stoppage, and gifted a split-decision to Shields. He's also one of the few guys to hold a win over the interim-champ. If Jake can beat him, he's obviously in the mix.It looks like they're sending Martin through a grappler-tribunal, considering his last 5 fights. Personally, I'd rather see Kampmann fight Diaz than either of the Decision-ators. I think he clearly has the tools to beat either GSP or Carlos, but neither fight sounds particularly exciting.

A bag of rice site profile image  

4/4/12 12:11 PM by A bag of rice

The best solution to avoid a fucking jam in the division would be for condit to fight Ellenberger/kampman. Then the winner fights GSP. If condit is truly the #1 contender then he will win.

khaynes21 site profile image  

4/4/12 12:07 PM by khaynes21

Japetto, for the WIN.

Jared Vergara site profile image  

4/4/12 12:07 PM by Jared Vergara

Finally Kampmann may get his chance at the title.

r_o_y site profile image  

4/4/12 12:06 PM by r_o_y

this interim stuff didn't do anything but make sure that condit fights GSP. it's still 4-6 months before we even will probably get a date for gsp returning.this is a cluster of a mess. :-/

kevsh site profile image  

4/4/12 12:02 PM by kevsh

Interim champions are a total joke and this is beyond ridiculous. Condit is the champ ... right? So the winner of this fights him ... no, that will be GSP who is the champ. So if GSP beats Condit he "becomes" the champ, or is he defending the title? ... Absurd.