Overeem's T/E ratio actually 14:1

by Mike Chiappetta | source: mmafighting.com

Alistair Overeem produced a testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio of 14:1 in his failed urine test, Nevada state athletic commission executive director Keith Kizer told MMA Fighting on Thursday, shortly after he learned of the final result.

The average male produces a T/E ratio around 1:1. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) uses a 4:1 standard for positive tests, and NSAC uses 6:1 as its cutoff, a number used by WADA up until 2006.

In NSAC's original statement announcing the flagged result, Overeem was said to have tested at a level higher than 10:1.

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FLMikeATT site profile image  

4/7/12 5:00 PM by FLMikeATT

Didn't he beat the crap out of like 5/6 bouncers before? Maybe not 14, but dude can throw down.

JFA1 site profile image  

4/7/12 3:53 PM by JFA1

Tainted horse meat IMO

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

4/7/12 3:43 PM by duckhuntgangsta

 Does that mean he has a 14 man power engine? 

Unwariestpickle site profile image  

4/7/12 3:40 PM by Unwariestpickle

To the poster above T/E is a ratio of Testosterone to Epitestosterone, not estrogen. Even a small amount of research would reveal that.

rigoville site profile image  

4/7/12 2:49 PM by rigoville

i guess this explains that time he sent 5 bouncers to the hospital a couple of years back.

confusionSay site profile image  

4/7/12 2:17 PM by confusionSay


TheParrot site profile image  

4/7/12 9:26 AM by TheParrot

ohgeetee - "If someone's T level is 250, but their E level is 25, this would cause their T:E ratio to be 10:1, indicating they are using synthetic T to boost, because we should expect it to be between 25:25 and 100:25 if they weren't. Is this understanding correct?"Not sure what you mean by E. Usually E or E2 stands for an estrogen, not epitestosterone. I've never seen a blood test that measures epitestosterone although I'm sure it can be done. 25 is a normal level (within range) for E2 (estradiol) so I'm guessing that's what you saw and confused you. "If a person's ratio is high, but level is normal, is there any real world benefit to them on fight day? Does the lead up to fight day carry a tangible benefit to them, when they might not be at normal levels? A suitable analogy might be a race car. If I drive 150mph to work, but slow down to 45mph when I am a mile away, I still get to work early as fuck, so there was a tangible benefit to me driving that fast."As I tried to explain at great lengths during the Chael episode, a high ratio does not mean a high serum level of testosterone. And as was the case with Chael, someone who is diagnosed with hypogonadism SHOULD have a high ratio due to low natural levels of test and epitest supplemented with only additional testosterone. The degree of the ratio would be dependent on the testosterone deficiency (primary or secondary).However, if someone does not have a testosterone deficiency, then a high ratio like 10:1 is pretty solid proof of supraphysiological level amounts of testosterone."Does Testosterone work the same way, where if they are superhuman during training, but taper off right before the fight, they still have a huge benefit?"Yes, the primary strength gains would be made while on cycle in the months leading up to the fight. Tapering off just prior to the fight to piss clean would result in no significant losses. IMHO, those who say they do, it's probably just in their head, they lose the confidence of "being on". I've experienced this myself (i don't compete in any sport). "How different would you expect the picture to look if Overeem or Chael really were former steroid abusers that are now simply fucked by prior poor decisions, and are trying to attain normalcy?"It's certainly a possibility. And it's really a moral question. Do you want someone to be normal for cheating. BUT, imho, any testosterone deficiency from steroid abuse is reversible.

ljgalea22 site profile image  

4/7/12 12:14 AM by ljgalea22

and just to figure out how average you are, just think how many of you it would take to overpower Overeem. I say 5 of me has him sorted. 7. 7 definitely. 8 cause I don't like odd numbers. I can't even throw kicks. Which the average human doesn't. UFC rules by the way.

ljgalea22 site profile image  

4/7/12 12:09 AM by ljgalea22

...but can overeem take on 14 average men, at one go? hmmm...

Timothyk site profile image  

4/6/12 4:53 PM by Timothyk

Incorrect sir. You can actually just walk in to a pharmacy and buy teh juice.