Promoter responds from event that resulted in hospitalized fighter

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A fighter in Michigan competing recently on a mixed MMA and kickboxing card suffered life threatening injury during a kickboxing bout. His family feels the promotion did not take reasonable precautions, and that the lack of state Regulation was a contrinbuting factor as well.

Now the promoter has come on the Underground to present his side of the issue.


RE: Amateur MMA promotion almost killed my brother

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For all of those who read this original thread and have been screaming for the names of the promoters to be hung for this, here i will give you every detail you need...

And for those of you who saw past an obviously one-sided story based upon one spectators emotion's and conclusions of what he FELT happened the night of his brothers kickboxing match,and waited for the other side- the FACTS, to come to the surface before posting and reposting this story to various social media sites and drawing more negative attention to the Michigan mma scene, we salute YOU!!

This event was organized by myself (Patrick Brousseau) and co/promoter Steve Lowe, under the association of Absolute Kombat Club & Absolute Results Health Club. We place the utmost importance on the health of our fighters being the number 1 priority before, during and after competition. I am only writing this reply to state facts and reverse the false statements written before.

I will not name the fighter or his team/coaches out of respect for him and the horrible medical situation he has been through.I will simply refer to him as "fighter x"

So here are the facts - Nobody was ever lied to about this fighters opponent, not him, his coaches, or team members.

Fighter x was given a complete medical examination before and after his match. Our lead nurse, as she may appear very youthfull and vibrant is actually a 26 yr old registered nurse as she has been for some time now. We had two other qualified medics/EMT'S on scene for any medical emergencys to back her up if necessary.

During the post fight evaluation our lead nurse noticed "fighter x" had restricted and unresponsive pupils and requested EMS take him to the hospital immediately. An EMS vehicle WAS on call parked 1/8 mile down the road and arrived very fast. "fighterx" was out the door and on the way to the hospital within ten minutes.

Upon his arrival and evaluation at the emergency room i spoke with his coach who was told "fighterx" would need immediate surgery to relieve swelling on his brain due to a pre-existing medical issue that had been happening without anyone's knowledge and would have been next to impossible to detect unless he was put through a CT scan prior to fighting that night.

Could a kickboxing match have aggravated his condition? Absolutely, no question whatsoever.

Our medical staff as well as everyone involved in working at this event have been deeply saddened by this tragedy, nevertheless I will not allow their professional demeanor to be questioned. Our medical staff did a great job that night and made a quick call based on his condition and need for further treatment.

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Mike F site profile image  

4/7/12 11:45 AM by Mike F

A promoter not being regulated by an athletic commission or some governing body is going to face issues like these. In any state where rules are in place this wouldn't be an issue. In Ohio, if you skip the weigh-ins you don't fight. You sign contracts. No last minute opponent changes. No matches made up at the venue. And more importantly, the experience difference would've disallowed the fight to begin with no matter when the match was made. The fighter is rarely going to choose not to fight. The promoter isn't having one less fight on his card once he gets waivers signed. It's too bad the fight was allowed to happen in this case.

Tractor site profile image  

4/7/12 11:29 AM by Tractor

So I have 19 pro mma fights and I should be allowed to fight ammy Kickboxing? ? Get real

Morgz site profile image  

4/7/12 11:00 AM by Morgz

A lot of you still saying he didn't weigh in. How do you know that? OP merely stated that he didn't show up at "day before" weigh ins. It's very possible he weighed in the next day (day of fight). Or maybe he didn't? Just seems unfair to make the blanket "he didn't weigh in" statement without knowing that to be fact. Apologies in advance if I missed something regarding this. A whole lot of FRAT on this thread but I still can't seem to find any factual statement that says fighter x didn't weigh in at all -- just that he missed day before weight in.

RyanWilcox site profile image  

4/7/12 10:00 AM by RyanWilcox

sounds like a poorly run organization.Fighters not weighing in, fighting guys way above their skill level,no doctors on site,ambulance down the street.Is this 2012 or 1997?

graciesrule site profile image  

4/7/12 7:15 AM by graciesrule

A few things that need to be addressed here. One,there should of been a doctor and an ambulance on site, period. If he had a pre existing head injury many times you can tell by the pupils during the prefight exam. Two, there is world of difference between a kid that has a couple of fights and 15 plus and they should never have been matched from not only a safety point of view but from a competitve point of view, it does make sense to have an expereinced fighter beat the crap out of a newcomer, neither gains anything from it. Third, headgear does nothing to reduce brain injuries the brain still takes the jarring. It is to protect the face from excessive damage, not the brain. Just like boxing gloves were to prevent broken hands not the person you are punching from getting injured. Things like this give mma/kickboxing a black eye and why they keep small time promoters like this off the tv and in the back woods.

aluminum_rooster site profile image  

4/7/12 2:28 AM by aluminum_rooster

Michigan Promoter- that is some unprofessional shit right there. Hope you sleep well tonight, you paraphrase Jason Rhinehart- 'get a lawyer, you dumbfuck'

12SixElbow site profile image  

4/7/12 2:21 AM by 12SixElbow

 Much respect to you for doing so much education and promoting. Thats honestly what MMA needs right now. I wish we had a decent ammy show like yours in Washington. The last pro/ammy show I went to  had guys comign in with hands wrapped and bringing thier own gloves to the show. no one inspecting the gloves other than a quick look at them.

Jason Reinhardt site profile image  

4/7/12 2:12 AM by Jason Reinhardt

man guys, back in the day we rarely had weigh ins. However, back then, guys weren't as well rounded as they are today. It still didn't make it right. You have to have very very strict weigh ins. today!!! it's the right thing to do!

gorillagrappling site profile image  

4/7/12 2:11 AM by gorillagrappling

Ob1, you can't say it's up to the regulators. There are none in Michigan. That's the point. If you are willing to fight, knowing the show is a joke, it's on you and your coaches and teammates, and in this case, your brother as well. The kid was hurt as a direct result of his entire team choosing to allow him to fight for what they admittedly thought was a shitty promotion and a bad deal. Lesson learned, move on. Your bad.

12SixElbow site profile image  

4/7/12 2:10 AM by 12SixElbow

I agree. (With the first bold) But. 1. Ammy events are sanctioned 2. They used heardgear, and shinpads for fucks sake 3. Brock Lesnar isn't a kid with 16 ammy fights, and a piss poor example, but for instance, guys like Robert Drysdale took ammy MMA fights.  Also, with the second bold. You're probably the kids brother, or a troll. You don't care at ALL that the Fighter X was a willing adult, who showed up on his own free will, and took the kickboxing match knowing who the opponent was? lol