TUF Brazil episode 3 recap

source: tuftv

Team Belfort's Daniel Sarafian faces Team Silva's Renee Forte. Sarafian is revealed to be a former fat kid, and Forte from a broken home.

There is not pissing on pillows, but there is naked mad dashing, obvious product placement, a medical PSA, and a lot of farting. Junior Dos Santos makes multiple appearances.

Sarafian beats Forte by RNC in the second.

Team Silva is down 2-0.


TUF: Brazil airs Sunday evenings in Brazil on Globo following "Big Brother." Start time of the television will vary slightly from week to week, but the stream will be on TUF.tv each week at midnight, (9:00 p.m. PT). Although filmed in Portuguese, the video has English subtitles, and based on the first episodes, is compelling content regardless of your language.


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Fat Guys Food site profile image  

4/10/12 12:38 PM by Fat Guys Food

 Fanboys, lol... Two naked dudes run around swinging their junk on US TUF and 56 people will post about how outraged and disgusted they are... happens on TUF Brazil = crickets  

fightharder site profile image  

4/10/12 5:32 AM by fightharder

Was really impressed by this Sarafian kid. I generally think the show is a lot more entertaining then the US TUF show (and man did they get a better house) even though not all the fights where that great (Pepey looked pretty horrid in his last week even though he still got the W) i do think the their is more potential for them (great fights) then with the US version.Anyways i really enjoy the characters the choose on this show (it is still entertainment) and generally think the dynamic between team Belfort and Wandie is a little bit more interesting then the battle between Cruz and Faber (which was entertaining but is beginning to get still quit quickly).It is obvious Sarafian overclassed Forte in every way but the manner in which he did it was still suprisingly skillfull. I loved watching his stand-up and his submission was very slick as well.Obvious that Brazil is the perfect market to for the TUF format...they just need to put in some local female talent now to act as ring girls.

Enemies site profile image  

4/9/12 4:56 AM by Enemies

Why does the Brazil show get "Recap" and the American show gets spoiled?If it's all the same to the mods I would much prefer "TUF Recap" on the American show since those of us that can't watch it live get a chance to do so before having the results spoiled. Doubt this will get acknowledged but thanks anyway! :P

aaronlynton site profile image  

4/9/12 4:05 AM by aaronlynton

Respect is not dead! Thanks Brazil, I was worried

mata_leao site profile image  

4/9/12 2:25 AM by mata_leao

great episode.i think the fight would have been more competitive had Forte not injured his foot....but Sarafian would have still won. Sarafian looks like a really solid fighter. He's strong, explosive and seems to have a good gas tank. I like his stand up, he has good movement and mixes it up well. SICK finish! love how Sarafian took back control....aside from that, he didn't show too much of his ground game. However, i've seen previous fighters and he has a solid ground game as well. hard to pick the MW winner but to for me it's between Sarafian, Serginho, Pe De Chumbo or Massaranduba.

spliff site profile image  

4/9/12 12:54 AM by spliff

true but he fucked up his foot the first kick he threw

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

4/9/12 12:44 AM by Reed Rothchild

Well he kind of fought like a stiff  

spliff site profile image  

4/9/12 12:44 AM by spliff

 werdum looked like he saw a ghost.. JDS just walked passed him like he wasn't there

spliff site profile image  

4/9/12 12:36 AM by spliff

 felt kinda bad for Renne.. wandy/corderio were really hard on him..

chuckles1 site profile image  

4/9/12 12:16 AM by chuckles1

The way he got that choke was pretty dope! Good fight.