Mayhem Miller goads Chael Sonnen for goading Overeem


When Alistair Overeem recently faield a test for PEDs, Chael Sonnen, who had himself failed an identical test, took to twitter and expressed 'shock' at the results.

A bemused Jason 'Mayhem' Miller took toTwitter and himself expressed outrage at Sonnen's outrage.

@mayhemmiller Jason Miller
Chael berating someone on their test level is like me making fun of someone's bad haircut.

@sonnench chael sonnen
MayHem: Due to time constraints I am currently confining my Twitter wars to active, relevant, fighters ONLY. Buy a T-shirt on your way out.

@mayhemmiller Jason Miller
I love the MMA media's obsession with Fael. After the Brazilian kicks his head in, I'm going to end his career.

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Recent Comments »

willienugget site profile image  

4/9/12 11:34 PM by willienugget

I don't mind the guy but who has he beaten? 40yr old Saku?

PrettyBoy site profile image  

4/9/12 11:11 PM by PrettyBoy

Wow Miller got sat down. All for the best his ADD shtick is annoying.

Iamacanuck18 site profile image  

4/9/12 11:06 PM by Iamacanuck18

How many Mayhem fights have you assholes watched? 1 bad fight and all you fanboys say he fights terrible. fuckin noobs

Neil Funk site profile image  

4/9/12 10:23 PM by Neil Funk

After Anderson front-kicks Chael's face off,the troll will retreat to the bridge from whence he came

UGCTT_Paul_Blanka_Harris site profile image  

4/9/12 10:09 PM by UGCTT_Paul_Blanka_Harris

dint sonnens beat up miller a few years just adds insult to injury

lookoutawhale site profile image  

4/9/12 9:46 PM by lookoutawhale


ufcman187 site profile image  

4/9/12 9:41 PM by ufcman187

Chael has no room to talk and yet nobody really cares anymore what Miller has to say. Ironic how both can't keep their mouths shut lol

chesty_1775 site profile image  

4/9/12 9:28 PM by chesty_1775

Miller was Chael'd

BaraoKix site profile image  

4/9/12 9:00 PM by BaraoKix

Lol, Sonnen fans are 95% WWF fans name. I dont mind him but he has a very mediocre record, to be acting the way he does. He has the "McCorkle" schtick. He taps, like a Boss...

chesty_1775 site profile image  

4/9/12 8:49 PM by chesty_1775

Chael wins.... Again!!!!! Seriously though. Mayem keeps making himself look like a serious doucher the more he speaks,types,etc..... He needs to get off the internet and train.


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