Silva choosing Silva to beat Belfort


The Spider said “Vitor Belfort has skills above the average fighter in the division, but he is not unbeatable, neither is Wanderlei. It will be a hard fight for both.

Wanderlei is a very hard worker and has a lot of grit, we’ve seen it a million times, Wanderlei history in the MMA cannot be overlooked. The first thing they need to do is respect eachother.” Said in classic Anderson Silva fashion, never forgetting respect.

Anderson went on to say that he would be cheering for Wanderlei, and that if Wanderlei asked him to help train, he would absolutely go. “Look, regardless of what we have done with our careers me, Wanderlei, Shogun, Rafael Cordeiro, and all other athletes that came from ChuteBox, we have this warrior spirit so the only way to beat us is by knockout or submission, otherwise its impossible,” Says Anderson.

“Wanderlei is working with the right people, and in a good condition, well trained and with a clear head, it is very difficult to beat him.”

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triso site profile image  

4/12/12 10:05 AM by triso

No surprise here. Anderson is big on respect.I wish Wand was fighting Tito instead of Vitor. Vitor was a bad matchup for him even when he was young.

jjj2121 site profile image  

4/12/12 8:38 AM by jjj2121

 Wand looked horrendous against Cung Le, he was getting his ass kicked until Le emptied his gastank, a byproduct of being a part time fighter and showing up with a spare tire.

Andy the man site profile image  

4/12/12 6:27 AM by Andy the man

^Had my Auntie been born a Man then she'd be my Uncle.Wand got blitzed, Face it.

jhendo79 site profile image  

4/11/12 10:30 PM by jhendo79

Had Wand pulled the trigger a split second faster in their first fight he would have won the fight.I remember being scared for Vitor and after that hard leg kick and foot work I thought this muay thai fighter(Wand) was on his way to take Vitor apart. I was wrong and since that fight Wand has been my favorite fighter and biggest inspiration.I really think Wand can beat Vitor if he fights the same way he did durring the first Cro Cop fight and his fight with Cung le.

dahosse site profile image  

4/11/12 9:58 PM by dahosse

They're both chute boxe kids. Wandy has nothing for vitor, never has. Vitor's lefty, faster, stronger, a better grappler... He throws straighter punches. I like wandy better, but that's personalities and fighting styles and all that. Vitor is going to win handily.

TzTinkle site profile image  

4/11/12 9:47 PM by TzTinkle

It's weird to think that at one point Vitor beat Wand, then if they had rematched during Wands pride days Vitor would've been destroyed, and now we're back to Vitor beating Wand.

whistleblower site profile image  

4/11/12 9:42 PM by whistleblower

When they fought the first time, Vitor just blitzkrieged Vanderlei in one of the most repeatedly-replayed, spectacular highlight-reel strafings ever.But that was an up-and-coming Vanderlei who was still relatively raw, not as established or known as Vitor already was, and had not yet become the dominant force that he eventually would.Vanderlei wanted a rematch so bad, to finally erase that highlight-reel for good - and for most of the previous decade (where he was then the era-defining juggernaut at 205, while Vitor was an inconsistent contender), he would have gone in as the distinct favorite over Vitor.But now?Their fortunes and odds have starkly reversed, and Vitor is in fact the clear favorite to beat Wanderlei once again. (Probably brutally once again.)Vitor has been much better preserved physically than Wanderlei, whose body and attributes have deteriorated more conspicuously, and who has suffered far more devastating damage and KO's in fights (including arguably the two most concussive back-to-back, complete KTFO's ever against Cro Cop and Hendo), along with more subsequent serious injuries and surgeries.They are actually only less than one year apart in chronological age, they have both even been fighting for about the same number of years - but in terms of functional fight age and accumulated mileage, they are more than just a year's worth apart.Wanderlei is distinctly more broken-down.Vitor started off better than Wanderlei - and he has ended up better than Wanderlei.While Wanderlei was significantly greater for most of the in-between.After their fight in 1998, Wanderlei went on to accomplish much more than Vitor ever did - and became very arguably the greatest 205-er of the decade for the 2000's.While Vitor continued to be known as one of the most notoriously inconsistent fighters in MMA history, capable of the most spectacular (but brief) highs contrasted by the most continually disappointing lows.Wanderlei in his prime was the dominant and defining Champion, the kingpin of his era and division, that Vitor was ultimately never even close to being - who never became the consistently supreme great that he had promised to be when he first burst onto NHB.Wanderlei ultimately lived up to Vitor's promise better than Vitor himself ever did.If you put their careers next to each other, in chronological parallel, Wanderlei was both more accomplished and perceived-better than Vitor for more of that span.But right now, Wanderlei is conspicuously further down on his end than Vitor is.Timing just hasn't been on Wanderlei's side when it comes to Vitor.

Acidic site profile image  

4/11/12 6:34 PM by Acidic

 Im going with Wandy im a fan and im a stay true to that and do my damn best to support him. Wandy is a legend where as Vitor isnt half of what Wandy is or has done in the MMA world.

MPA site profile image  

4/11/12 6:26 PM by MPA

I have to disagree with Silva. Wandy hasn't improved any more than Belfort since Wandy got his azz handed to him by Belfort the last time.I forsee a repeat of the same.