Diaz's lawyer files new claim, fires back at NSAC

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly.com

Now Goodman has fired back with a new document filed to the Attorney General’s office dated from April 11, with a response in regards to Diaz’s alleged falsification of the pre-fight questionnaire.

Goodman states that the “complaint does not allege any facts support that Diaz violated a rule.”

The document goes on to state that the “after the fact allegations impugning Diaz’s character serve to distract from the core issue that Nevada does not prohibit inactive marijuana metabolites.”

The statement once again points out, as in the original complaint, that marijuana metabolites are not a prohibited substance under the rules adapted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission from WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).

The second part of the document filed on Wednesday answers the charge from the Attorney General’s office that Diaz lied on his original fight application filled out prior to his bout with Carlos Condit in February.

The document states “Diaz met the required standard, reasonable interpretation of commonly understood phrases to the best of his knowledge.” This is in reference to Diaz not disclosing any usage of medicinal marijuana on his pre-fight medical questionnaire.

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ufcman187 site profile image  

4/12/12 9:58 PM by ufcman187

Simple solution. Let Dick Diaz fight EatsA'Mare Overeem and the winner gets to stay since the rules don't matter anymore ! They both can suck it *8=====Þ

FingerorMoon site profile image  

4/12/12 2:22 AM by FingerorMoon

Man I want to see a video of this hearing."So Mr Diaz, do you....why are you looking side to side? ...there is no one behind you son I promise. Can you look at me for 2 seconds straight please"

willienugget site profile image  

4/11/12 11:54 PM by willienugget

Everything with Nick Diaz's name on it is blowing up. He's a popular guy.

CesarGracieJewJitsu site profile image  

4/11/12 9:40 PM by CesarGracieJewJitsu

 quote for truth..

lormpino site profile image  

4/11/12 8:31 PM by lormpino

Damn a long read!!! But thank you op

John Nic site profile image  

4/11/12 8:00 PM by John Nic

Iove how everyone commenting on the Diaz issue is a marijuana, law and nsac expert

Darup site profile image  

4/11/12 7:56 PM by Darup

Very interesting and creative argument. However NSAC can pretty much do what they want and make up their own rules so it will probably fail.

Shotokanman site profile image  

4/11/12 7:53 PM by Shotokanman

Love it.God I hope this is streamed I really wanna see this, could be as good as Chael's hearing.

zedlepln site profile image  

4/11/12 7:49 PM by zedlepln


jetbluejesus site profile image  

4/11/12 7:23 PM by jetbluejesus

My understanding of his argument is that he had stopped using his medical marijuana eight days before the fight, and as such the THC would be out of his system and not be a safety/performance enhancement issue, even though it would still be detectable in his system in the form of inactive marijuana metabolites.