UFC applauds creation of the IMMAF

source: immaf.org

The Ultimate Fighting Championship® applauds the announcement made earlier today of the creation of the new International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF). The UFC wholeheartedly supports this new initiative as well as its leader, IMMAF President August Wallen, who will spearhead the initial growth of this Federation.

UFC Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, who has helped lead the global growth of the UFC, feels that the timing is perfect. "In order to maintain the successful growth of our sport, it is important to invest in resources that will develop and cultivate it at an amateur level. Having an umbrella organization that will oversee and help build the sport on a global level will not only provide advanced and ever-improving safety standards but will also create a unified global model to help introduce the sport to new markets. It is our hope that it will also take us one step closer to witnessing the inclusion of the sport of MMA on the Olympic programme."

"The creation of this organization is long overdue," said Marc Ratner, Senior Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs. "MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and we support the Federation's focus on providing a globally unified set of rules and safety measures to help keep all fighters safe. While there are many obstacles ahead in the formation of this international organization, we are confident of the outcomes and advancements this group will make for the future of our sport."

The UFC has long been committed to the growth and development of the sport of MMA. With broadcasts in over 150 countries and territories, to nearly one billion homes worldwide, in 20 different languages, and more than 30 live events annually worldwide, the UFC has helped introduce the sport to many new cultures and audiences.

The creation of the IMMAF will help to foster the development of the sport at the grassroots level and bolster the work being done by the UFC and all other MMA organizations worldwide, further developing the integrity and legitimacy of the sport.

To learn more about the International MMA Federation visit www.immaf.org.

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Lahzerous site profile image  

4/13/12 8:49 PM by Lahzerous

This is a huge step to getting MMA in the olympics in the next 10 years!

RICKYB site profile image  

4/13/12 8:36 PM by RICKYB

This ;)

Othello site profile image  

4/13/12 6:28 PM by Othello

This might turn it around for WAMMA.

ziggystardust site profile image  

4/13/12 6:26 PM by ziggystardust

The President, August Wallén, is a pioneer in Swedish MMA and build up a Euro wide franchise of MMA clubs. He's a good organizer and communicator, and has a lot of regulatory experience through getting MMA legalized in Sweden. He's the former coach of Alexander Gustafsson as well and brought Alex up through the ranks.He's good for the sport and hopefully so will this organization be.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

4/13/12 11:35 AM by UGCTT_LnPninja


SolracoMMA site profile image  

4/13/12 11:27 AM by SolracoMMA

Bjj as an Olympic sport in the other hand...? What are your guys thoughts?

Tad Ghostal site profile image  

4/13/12 11:26 AM by Tad Ghostal

The UFC already do a good job at that. Hopefully this will get big enough, fast enough that we won't see any more dodgy promotions putting people's lives at risk. The recent thread about a young amateur that almost died shows how badly the IMMAF is needed.

Tad Ghostal site profile image  

4/13/12 11:08 AM by Tad Ghostal

Does anyone really want to see the watered down version of MMA that would be able to appear in the Olympics? People complain about point fighting as it is.

fightharder site profile image  

4/13/12 10:20 AM by fightharder

I think some face slapping is in order dear Sir....Anyways as for this federation,better late then never. It is kind of shameful that the UFC has to regulate themselves in certain countries. And hopefully this will lift the level of judging to a higher level as well (because with better rules will surely come an official accreditation for MMA judges....preferable with a very strict exam attached to it).But MMA is never going to be an Olympic sport in my lifetime (and i am not that old ladies and gents)....if people need an explanation for this the reasons for arguing are already null and void...

Unseen site profile image  

4/12/12 9:53 PM by Unseen

  This is a huge step to getting MMA in the olympics in the next 10 years!