Proctor submits Tickle; complete TUF Live, Episode 6 recap


TEAM CRUZ'S Chris Tickle (7-4) VS. TEAM FABER'S Joe Proctor (7-1)

Round 1 - A touch of gloves gets us started. The fighters trade some early shots. Chris fires off punches and kicks, but Joe checks them and remains in the pocket. Joe then unloads a two-punch combo, clinches and looks for the takedown. Chris fends it off and reverses before unloading some quick punches. Joe gets through a nice right and then a good counter left. Chris, though, tags him on the next exchange. Joe again takes the center of the cage, looks for knees, and clinches. Chris whiffs on an elbow as they break. Joe shoots soon after and gets the takedown and works for a rear-naked choke as Chris gets back to his feet. He clings to the hold, goes back to the mat, and Chris tries to break free. Joe, though, tightens the grip, and Chris taps out moments later.

Joe Proctor def. Chris Tickle via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 1, 4:42

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Recent Comments »

Snores site profile image  

4/15/12 1:24 PM by Snores

The best part is seeing the progression of the defamation of Cruz`s and Faber`s posters. Loved Faber`s moustache.

FLMikeATT site profile image  

4/14/12 2:48 PM by FLMikeATT

30 to 40 seconds? Someone's obviously never trained BJJ. A properly executed RNC will put someone to sleep in seconds.

UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay site profile image  

4/14/12 2:22 PM by UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay

So are you trying to say Guillard, who was 1 fight away from a title shot. Bitched out against Lauzon because he tapped from a RNC?People tap all the time, some guys dont want to be held in a choke hold for 30 to 40 seconds in excruciating pain until they lose conciousness. It doesn't mean they "bitch out".

imsupersteven site profile image  

4/14/12 2:16 PM by imsupersteven

Cruz had nothing to say when Faber told him "yeah you're real intimadating with zero finishes".

UGCTT_unholybabystomper site profile image  

4/14/12 1:59 PM by UGCTT_unholybabystomper

Getting punched in the head is potentially very dangerous. He is an MMA fighter man, its all potentially dangerous. The thing is that to me it says he did not want it as bad as he should have.

Swift1 site profile image  

4/14/12 1:39 PM by Swift1

Sometimes the best way to silence a yapper is to choke him out!

fightharder site profile image  

4/14/12 1:24 PM by fightharder

Faber is still pretty much getting owned verbally by Cruz. Kind of weird because i was actually rooting for Faber (seems like a genuine nice guy) but changing my opinion about Cruz ( still think he is annoying but he is a winner for sure).Fight was decent. Tickle absolutely dominated on the feet though. Was somewhat unexpected because i thought Procter would be better one his feet. He looked a little flustered by the aggressiveness of Tickle.I also thought he tapped a little bit to fast.He seemed a little scared,not totally in control. Then again i might have been wrong and the choke might have been really tight. Though the whole ''getting'' to sleep thing might be warrior like its not smart.Though most of the time it is comparable harmless it does fuck with the braincells so totally understand why he would have tapped if it really was on tight.

RepsOne site profile image  

4/14/12 11:47 AM by RepsOne

Faber needs some scripting. His insults are terrible.

UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay site profile image  

4/14/12 11:44 AM by UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay

There is no point in getting needlessly choked out. It is potentially very dangerous, better to just take your loss and admit you were outclassed on the ground.

UGCTT_unholybabystomper site profile image  

4/14/12 11:35 AM by UGCTT_unholybabystomper

I will never understand someone who taps to a RNC in the UFC, especially something like TUF where you are fighting for a job. You won't break anything, you will just sleep but atleast you had a better chance getting out of the choke. Tickle bitched out IMO.