Dana White: Mark Hunt vs. JDS 'ain’t going to happen'

by Tom Ngo | source: 5thround.com

The UFC is as real as it gets, and fans hoped that the Rocky story would be rewritten in reality. Washed up formerly 0-6 Mark Hunt would go 3-0 in the UFC, and get a shot at Heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos when scheduled challenger Alistair Overeem flunked a PED test. But it is not to be so, at least not at present.

Hunt is going to be fighting Stefan Stuve as schedule. Who Dos Santos will be facing remains unknown with any certainty.

While UFC President Dana White is fully aware the Nevada State Athletic Commission could still grant Alistair Overeem his fight license to challenge champion Junior Dos Santos, the UFC president isn’t holding his breath the May 26th scrap will come to fruition.

Regardless, don’t expect for Hunt to receive the promotion should Overeem be pulled from the show’s featured attraction.

“[Fans] can keep rallying. It ain’t going to happen,” White flatly stated during Saturday’s “UFC on FUEL TV 2″ post-fight press conference.

"Listen, Mark Hunt is going to have to fight one of the top guys. You don't just jump right into the title shot."

"I have ... praised Mark Hunt for what he's been able to accomplish in the situation that he was in. I think this fight with Struve is a good fight for him. If he beats Struve, he'll break in and start fighting some of the top-five heavyweights in the world.

"But first of all, I've got to say, anything can happen in a fight, but in all reality, it's not fair to Mark Hunt either to put the guy right in there with a Junior Dos Santos for a title shot. The guy (ideally) works his way up, he beats Struve, fights somebody in the top-five."

"I guarantee you this: If he beats Struve, his next fight will be (against) somebody that's top-five that can get him closer to that title shot."

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Recent Comments »

sharkman68 site profile image  

4/17/12 10:25 AM by sharkman68

That was a reasonable and logical response. I disagree due to the points raised above (Cain had a much better record when he got his shot, and Rothwell and Congo were higher ranked during that time period), but we can agree to disagree. I would rather see the title put on hold, rather than have it fast tracked to another fighter, but thats just my opinion.

Bofbro site profile image  

4/17/12 3:37 AM by Bofbro

Bollocks.If Dana did not want him to fight there is not a chance he would fight.It's Dana's show and what he says goes.

Neil Funk site profile image  

4/17/12 2:08 AM by Neil Funk

Yeah, because you Mark Hunt rally monkeys are fucking annoying.It doesn't make sense to just lay waste to your entire heavyweight division just to appease a bunch of internet goofs who want a sentimental favorite to have a title shot without earning it. Mark Hunt's a tough bastard who, in the weak state of the UFC HW division, is two wins away from a legitimate title shot. He's been looking good, and the story will only be that much better should he kick the shit out of Struve and whomever they give him after that, then you have a real fight to sell.

GMB13 site profile image  

4/17/12 12:06 AM by GMB13

The number is easily into the hundreds, perhaps over 1k. Either way you missed the point. Dana could have simply said that Hunt is not getting a title shot. Instead he felt the need to add that it doesn't matter what the fans think or do. It's almost like he is annoyed that people are so passionate about the sport.

Chris27 site profile image  

4/16/12 11:32 PM by Chris27

LOL thinking 80 hardcore fans online are the whole fanbase.

GMB13 site profile image  

4/16/12 10:51 PM by GMB13

If Overeem can't find, I believe Hunt should get the shot because he is the most exciting matchup on a very short list. If you look at the history of HW title contenders, deserve was not always important in matchups that were the promotions first choice. That makes it somewhat foolish to believe that deserve should be the biggest factor in a replacement matchup. Beating Kongo and Rothwell was good enough to earn Cain a #1 contender match. If there had been a need to replace a contender in a title match, you can bet Cain would have been one of the first considered. Coming off a brutal loss, beating Kongo was good enough to earn Mir an Interim title shot.Clearly in a vacuum, Mark has not earned a title shot. But if you look at his combat career as a whole, his 3 fight win streak, the lack of guys who have earned the shot, and the precedent set by numerous other fighters getting shots that they didn't earn, Mark is easily justifiable as a replacement.

stonepony site profile image  

4/16/12 3:11 PM by stonepony

Some times the fans want some really stupid shit... He listened when fans wanted Kimbo to get a shot. And he listened when the fans wanted Fedor (he offered the biggest contract ever, because people wouldn't shut up about it). When an under-performing fighter keeps their contract, it's almost always because they have fan support. They're not going to play games with a title fight though. There's no rational argument that can be made to suggest that Hunt should jump the line like that. Whether or not you think it would be a good fight, is irrelevant.

sharkman68 site profile image  

4/16/12 9:03 AM by sharkman68

sorry but you go against your own logic. So do you believe Hunt should get a shot because a) he has earned it, or b) it will make an exciting fight? When you try to argue a) you fail. Now I dont disagree that Hunt vs JDS would make an exciting fight, nor do i disagree that Hunt COULD beat JDS. i just dont believe Hunt has earned the fight yet. In a few fights maybe Hunt will be the champ, and if so all power too him. He seems like a nice guy and is an exciting fighter. and giving me examples of others who unfairly got a title shot doesnt change anything (which isnt Cain. are you trying to compare Cain's 6-0 UFC run against Hunts 3-1?).

sharkman68 site profile image  

4/16/12 8:57 AM by sharkman68

you mean Cain who was 8-0 when he got a title shot? sorry i forgot....results before Hunts last 3 fights dont count. this is just a popularity contest after all