Pichel submits Cofer in overtime; complete TUF Live, Episode 7 recap

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TEAM FABER'S John Cofer (7-1) VS. TEAM CRUZ'S Vinc Pichel (6-0)

Round 1 - Referee Josh Rosenthal calls the action. Pichel takes the center against southpaw Cofer. They stay at range before Cofer fires the first combination and looks for a takedown. Not there. Pichel hesitant to start, and Cofer is the one acting first. The trading picks up as the round wears on, and Pichel gets a little more active and walks forward. Cofer is happy to return fire on the feet in the early going. The two look happy to trade as the round wears on, and Cofer again misses two more takedown attempts in the final 80 seconds. The round ends with Pichel throwing bombs, and it's a tight fight through one.

Round 2 - The brawl picks up in round two, and the action is intense to start. So much for the wrestling match. Faber begs for Cofer to show sharp footwork. Pichel seems to now be the aggressor. Cofer gets inside again, but rather than look for a takedown, he transitions to the back and wraps the body. Pichel peels him off and goes back to work on the feet. Cofer keeps the action close and grans the head. Surprisingly, it's Pichel that looks for a takedown. He scores it, but he has to pull his head free from a choke. He does, but Cofer transitions for an arm. Pichel pulls free, and he's on top in an uncomfortable reverse mount, sitting on Cofer's face. The round finishes there, and both coaches seem to know a third frame could be coming next.

UFC boss White steps in the cage and confirms it: Round three is coming.

Round 3 - Sudden victory starts with Pichel in the center, and he lands a few crisp punches. He shoots in on Cofer and earns a takedown. In a slick sequence, he releases the pressure of a choke by jumping to side control, then hops into mount, sets up a side choke and dismounts to the other side to force the tap in a slick finish.

Vince Pichel def. John Cofer via submission (arm-triangel choke) - Round 3, 0:44.

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analpolypnamedjesse site profile image  

4/21/12 2:27 AM by analpolypnamedjesse


big green gagger site profile image  

4/21/12 2:20 AM by big green gagger

cofers face went from hillbilly heartthrob to john fitch post gsp

32Hunter site profile image  

4/21/12 12:30 AM by 32Hunter

 lol@only 17(now 18) replies.

Augie Max site profile image  

4/21/12 12:17 AM by Augie Max

  Pichel.  Arm Triangle in Sudden Victory round.  Sicilia vs. Sanders next week.

Trapped site profile image  

4/21/12 12:07 AM by Trapped

I forgot to add the 20min extension on my DVR so I missed the end of the show, who won, and what are the next matchups. And thanks to whomever posts

ds1970 site profile image  

4/20/12 11:46 PM by ds1970

Good fight this week.

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

4/20/12 11:43 PM by Reed Rothchild

I have it dvr'd. Thanks for the heads up

epwar site profile image  

4/20/12 11:16 PM by epwar

Actually, it was a strong fight.  Back and forth for two rounds so they go to sudden victory and one guy pulls off the arm triangle sub 44 seconds in.

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

4/20/12 11:07 PM by Reed Rothchild

I didn't even watch... Did the fight suck?

adamscheulen site profile image  

4/20/12 10:59 PM by adamscheulen

Strangest position I've seen in awhile


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