Dana White: If MacDonald looks at GSP's bank account, they'll fight

by Dann Stupp, John Morgan | source: mmajunkie.com

There were whispers that the prospect was the next big thing. The best fighter in the gym took him under his wing. And eventually the two fight for the world championship.

It happened in the main event Saturday night. Is it going to happen before too long with Georges St-Pierre and Rory MacDonald?

GSP and McDonald say "no way." UFC President Dana White says "way."

Rory MacDonald

“Me and Georges are teammates and friends, so it’s not going to get to that point like it did with Rashad and Jones. I understand people want to see that drama, but I’m not big into drama. Hopefully, he retires or he moves up. Whatever. I’ll wait my turn. I’m not scared of fighting bigger guys. I don’t really care about my size. I’ll fight small.”


“I’m not interested in fighting him. There are a lot of welterweights. I don’t think we have to do it now. In two years, who knows? Maybe I’ll go to middleweight. ... He’s a friend -- like a brother for me. I just hope the best for him and I know one day he’ll be world champion.”

Dana White

"I guarantee you if Rory looks looks at GSP's f------ bank account, he'll want to beat the s--- out of him."

"Here's what it always comes down, and we've had this conversation a million times, guys. Why are you in this? You're in this to be the world champion.

"That's what it's about. It's about winning, and becoming – see, everyone around the world knows GSP, and they love this guy. He makes s--- loads of money and the list goes on and on. Rory wants that. And it's not like we're setting up this fight where you're going to fight and you're going to have to hate each other after."

"This is the fight world. This is the world of fighting. Like I said the other day, I said this is the fight business, not the friend business. It's not.

"It just makes no sense. When people say that, it's just so stupid. So stupid."

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Immaculata site profile image  

4/24/12 10:18 AM by Immaculata

I just saw a segment on SportsCenter about back up QB's waiting their turn to replace the starter. Everyone had their own take on the experience. Montana/Young, Favre/Rodgers, Bledsoe/Brady, and McNabb/Vick shared their unique experience on what it's like to help train (or not to) their back up. GSP and MacDonald seem to have a healthy outlook on the situation. MacDonald has plenty of time to grow and keep learning while making good money.

GUNGFU BRUCE site profile image  

4/24/12 9:38 AM by GUNGFU BRUCE

Dana always trying to ruin friendships,maybe he saw Lorenzo's bank account and really wants to fight him.F**k it let me see your bank account Dana and maybe i'll wanna fight you!

Phil999 site profile image  

4/23/12 3:15 PM by Phil999

Agreed. He needs to stop acting like he is a promoter.

Kid_dynamite319 site profile image  

4/23/12 3:13 PM by Kid_dynamite319

Dana is a jackass! This guy has issues he likes to ruin peoples friendships for no reason. Why would he instigate it homeboy hasnt fought a top 10 opponents since Condit. And gives him a gimme in Che Mills who has no grappling or wrestling....

Farewell Brock site profile image  

4/23/12 6:30 AM by Farewell Brock

Retarded of Dana to start this off by talking about gsp's financial situation. Absolutely crooked of him.

swany site profile image  

4/23/12 6:10 AM by swany

This Kid is goin straight to the top, his rapid rise may help force a gsp v silva supermatch

Braziliant site profile image  

4/23/12 1:54 AM by Braziliant

Get Condited, Rory. Kid's bad.

Carogan site profile image  

4/23/12 1:53 AM by Carogan

I view fighters as contractors working for a promotion, not as slaves working for a master. Unlike so many lemmings on this planet, I've never bought into this idea that just because some guy "employs" another that he owns his soul.If Dana doesn't like it that they don't want to fight...then he should just go ahead and fire them. Fuck Dana.

MMA_Live_In_Gym site profile image  

4/23/12 1:22 AM by MMA_Live_In_Gym

If either of them see Dana White's fucking bank account, they beat the fucking shit out of him

Joshuo J Kingo_MJTT site profile image  

4/23/12 12:36 AM by Joshuo J Kingo_MJTT