Overeem releases official statement; blames anti-inflammatory medication


To my friends and fans,

I am deeply saddened to announce that on Friday, April 20, I respectfully withdrew from the May 26 event so that I can request a continuance until my situation with the Nevada State Athletic Commission is resolved.

I cannot express how sorry I am to the Commission, Junior Dos Santos, the fans, the owners and employees of the UFC, my friends and family and anyone else who this has affected.

I absolutely do not believe in, nor do I use performance-enhancing drugs. I am a clean fighter and I will do whatever it takes to prove this to everyone.

Prior to the UFC 146 press conference in March, I aggravated an old rib injury on my left side. My doctor prescribed, and I accepted, an anti-inflammatory medication that was mixed with testosterone. I was completely unaware that testosterone was one of the ingredients in the medication. Although I was unaware, I do realize it is my job to know what I am putting into my body.

I respect the Nevada Commissioners and Executive Director Keith Kizer and what they are doing to keep the sport of mixed martial arts regulated and safe for athletes. I look forward to working with them in the days and weeks ahead.

Friends and fans, I ask for your patience as I work through this matter. Please support me. I promise to return to the Octagon soon.


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TheParrot site profile image  

4/24/12 5:24 PM by TheParrot

 Should have just stated what we all knew already, and not insulted us with a blatant lie. 

TheParrot site profile image  

4/24/12 5:22 PM by TheParrot

More than likely happened in Holland.  I'd like to see a link to a real pharma glucocorticoid steroid with testosterone mixed in.  I doubt such a thing exists.  He had no choice though to claim this, trt is laughable, and he can't claim it was just a glucocorticoid steroid that skewed the t/e ratio, as he then would have had the b sample under go the CIR test and most assuredly fail.   

Colt Seavers site profile image  

4/24/12 12:26 PM by Colt Seavers


MedMan007 site profile image  

4/24/12 12:07 PM by MedMan007

Spent some years volunteering my time for a Division 1 program. Not professional, but close. This isn't neurosurgery. A 4th year med student could tell you this is nonsense. Have you heard of a physician coming out on the other side of this? There is a reason why I want his supposed doctor defending these actions. Either Reem is trying to game the system (pretty obvious in my opinion), or a physician is coming close to committing malpractice.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

4/24/12 11:51 AM by UGCTT_LnPninja

 Wow, you two morans should go out for lunch and celebrate your level of tard. The point of taking ANY steroid is to gain an edge. That "edge" does not have to be bigger muscles for it to be an "edge". It can be stamina/endurance/recovery as well. Cyclists all take steroids, and are 100% gaining and "edge", hence why they do it.  Royce used steroids to gain an "edge" in his fights. Just becuase the "edge" is a different kind than big muscles, doesn't mean it isn't the SAME cheating. Steroids are steroids, and if they are banned and you're using them, you are a cheater.  If you are going to question Reem's prior wins (where he DID test clean), then it is only fair to question EVERYONE who has ever popped for roids's previous wins (even if they tested clean for them).

epwar site profile image  

4/24/12 11:22 AM by epwar

Dr. Benjamin from MMAJunkie blows Reem's excuse full of holes.  

EyEHaVeYoU site profile image  

4/24/12 10:19 AM by EyEHaVeYoU

Same excuse athletes been using lately i love reem i want to believe but how the hell can a athlete not know what they are eating, drinking, supplements and especially any type of drug they are taking! It is insane..

flipmode site profile image  

4/24/12 8:24 AM by flipmode

Overeem you geeza, 100% legit excuse.

NONURINAUMANA site profile image  

4/24/12 1:59 AM by NONURINAUMANA

Free Overoid!

TylerA site profile image  

4/24/12 12:21 AM by TylerA

I think we all still wanted to see him fight Dos Santos, regardless... I believe Dos Santos would still find Overeem's chin in that one. Oh well! All we can hope for now is that he doesn't get cut, and can actually come back and stay clean to fight.