Dana White: He lied to me; I'm not a fan at all [of Alistair Overeem]

by Ariel Helwani | source: mmafighting.com

The UFC president was informed by popular radio host Jim Rome on Wednesday of the nine-month punishment Overeem received on Tuesday after the Nevada State Athletic Commission denied his request for a license. And upon hearing the news, White said that he expected the NSAC to come down harder on Overeem.

"Nine months? Nine months isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be," White said.

"I thought he would get a year. Easily a year."

"I'm not a fan," White said. "I'm not a fan at all. You're not going to hear me today on your radio show defending Alistair Overeem. Believe me."

"We'll see what happens," White said when asked about Overeem's future in the UFC. "We'll see what happens, man."

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Recent Comments »

BaraoKix site profile image  

4/26/12 4:46 PM by BaraoKix

They wont cut him and let SFL get the re-match we have all been waiting for. SFL8: Duffee vs 'Reem 2

spirello site profile image  

4/26/12 4:01 PM by spirello

 When hasnt Chael lied? Chael lies all the time he is the ultimate troll

John Nic site profile image  

4/26/12 3:53 PM by John Nic

I think Dana should have remained silent on the AO case. Especially now that AO is providing a shady doctor as a reason as to why he tested positive. Whether or not its true is up to you to decide - but if it is true, then what? AO can potentially be one of the largest draws to his organization (in 9 months) for years to come, so it just looked like bad business practice to spout off as he did about AO when the test results first came back and now. Talk about pissing all over an investment.

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

4/26/12 6:39 AM by Nexuscrawlers

 duh people, dana gets more mad if u get popped BEFORE a fight, look at nate marquart, screw up after the fight and who cares? u didnt screw up stuff thats already planned, u just screwed urself out of fghting until your suspension is lifted. thiago silva too, caught after fight, so he takes the suspension from the AC and comes back to ufc. not that complicated.

CindyO site profile image  

4/26/12 4:59 AM by CindyO

 Chael lied to DW too? Cindy

GtheMVP site profile image  

4/26/12 4:43 AM by GtheMVP

Dana's such a fucking drama queen, it's a good thing he doesn't make any of the hard hitting decisions, or rather, it's a good thing his impulsive bullshit easily gets squashed by Lorenzo, the real boss.

0 site profile image  

4/26/12 1:57 AM by 0

"Reem lied to me"awwww, you poor innocent little man."We'll see what happens"Translation: First he has to make us a ton of money, then after a loss we'll cut him loose.

12SixElbow site profile image  

4/26/12 12:45 AM by 12SixElbow

 lol @ taking some money on the back end of a real estate deal being "EXTREMELY SERIOUS CRIME"

nhbguy site profile image  

4/26/12 12:43 AM by nhbguy

Stonepony, you're talking about punishing Overeem more severely for something you, and many others, assume he did. I think that's a very dangerous road to take. I'm fine for punishing fighters who fail drug tests, but you're talking about upping the ante a bit.You mentioned Randy Couture and how "if" he had used roids he could have managed the aging process, which is a bit funny to me. Randy Couture is widely, widely speculated to have been using HGH, TRT or some kind PED in order to keep performing at a high level when nearly every other athlete in history has been out of the sport. Now I could do what you and many others have done and say that anyone who doesn't realize this is a moron, despite the fact that he never tested positive. If we use the Overeem logic than we have to assume that he was just better at cycling.I don't think it's fair to retroactively punish someone for what you think happened. Overeem has passed every test he's ever taken in the past. Vitor Belfort, Sean Sherk are examples of fighters who were long suspected of fighters who used PED's to gain a competitive advantage. That's really what you're referring to with Overeem, correct? That he used steroids to give himself a competitive advantage?Don't kid yourself into thinking that you have to gain 40 lbs of muscle to gain a competitive advantage with PEDs. When Belfort and Sherk were popped they weren't treated more severely than Royce or Hermes Franca or other less obvious users, and that's how it should be. That's all I'm arguing about here. Overeem shouldn't be treated any differently simply because it was assumed he was using despite never having failed a previous test.

swany site profile image  

4/26/12 12:38 AM by swany

Man overeem will want to put a good performance first fight back