Nick Diaz sues NSAC, says he is ready to fight 'immediately'

by Luke Thomas | source:

UFC welterweight Nick Diaz has filed a lawsuit against the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for alleged violations of statutory law and his Constitutional rights to Due Process.

Diaz, acting through his lawyer Ross C. Goodman, filed it in Nevada on Tuesday, April 24th. Diaz's motion for a preliminary injunction was filed Thursday.

The lawsuit is related to a failed drug test by Diaz that was conducted by the NSAC. It was announced on Feb. 9th the Stockton, Calif. native tested positive for marijuana metabolites from a test administered after his UFC 143 bout with Carlos Condit. He was subsequently given a summary suspension by the NSAC.

The suit is asking the court to immediately stay the summary suspension handed out to Diaz by the NSAC as well as to enjoin the NSAC from going ahead in any further disciplinary proceedings. Diaz's complaint also asks the court to declare his due process rights have been violated by the NSAC's failure to promptly convene a hearing to determine the merits of the disciplinary complaint against him.

The entire complaint from Diaz's lawyer is available for viewing. The motion for preliminary injunction, including Diaz's sworn affidavit, is also available.

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epwar site profile image  

5/14/12 7:00 PM by epwar

Diaz's lawsuit was denied by a judge in Nevada today. Damn, his lawyer is bleeding him dry. NSAC meeting set for May 21. News via MMAJunkie:

D241 site profile image  

4/29/12 5:44 PM by D241

 I see your point Hunter32. The subject is moot though. Carlos and Diaz are warriors. Condit didn't fight like his normal warrior self, but I understand why. In some ways, I can respect it. I don't however, like that he(Condit) is waiting so long for his title fight instead of staying active. Really ruins any credability the "interim" belt had, if ever.

UGCTT_Suess site profile image  

4/29/12 4:37 PM by UGCTT_Suess

 burned his goodwill with diaz fans and a couple fickle "mma fans"

32Hunter site profile image  

4/29/12 3:37 PM by 32Hunter

 not really, the point I'm sure he's reffering to is how Diaz didn't try to finish carlos in the 5th round, imo it's a far cry that one guy realizes he doesn't have control enough to go for an armbar from the back with 1 minute to go in the round to jogging backwards for 5 rounds after lying to the world for weeks leading up to the fight, but whatever Condit burned his goodwill from the fans and if he's cool with that good for him.

D241 site profile image  

4/29/12 3:20 PM by D241

 lol. He's got ya there

UGCTT_Suess site profile image  

4/29/12 3:16 PM by UGCTT_Suess

 well if we're gonna judge a guy by 1 fight, diaz is a point fighter.  fk your couch.

32Hunter site profile image  

4/29/12 2:49 PM by 32Hunter

I wish the court date was tommorow, this waiting is killing me.

Il Duce site profile image  

4/27/12 9:34 PM by Il Duce


aritwo site profile image  

4/27/12 9:22 PM by aritwo

if a friend of yours was offered a million dollars if he stopped smoking weed for a month, would you consider him an addict if he failed?

BadRobot321 site profile image  

4/27/12 9:09 PM by BadRobot321

I know your using this "logic" of yours for arguments sake, but I still find you to be a disgustingly narcissistic, self entitled idiot.Yea, I got all that from your "argument" on this thread. Hope I never meet you. Cheers.