Fedor talks UFC vs. M-1, Rizzo fight

source: GnPTv

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William Colosimo site profile image  

4/30/12 8:26 PM by William Colosimo

I see my angry young friend stonepony appears to still be throwing a tantrum on this thread. It has been brought to my attention that you don’t comprehend why I think you’re a faggit (along with the other whiners just like you). Let me break it down for you:I base my judgment off of your posts. You act like a woman.You complain about the same shit day after day. It goes from days to weeks to months. Just like a nagging woman. You have shit explained to you and then you ignore it in your next rant. Anyone here who has been in a relationship with a woman understands this scenario all too well. You discuss something, its finished, then the girl brings it up again in the future and starts arguing again, completely ignoring the past discussion.You are also clearly obsessed with Fedor. How many times have you posted in this thread? Are you not acting like a girl who was spurned by a former lover? Is this not classic jilted lover syndrome?Also, you make completely irrational arguments and twist facts to fit your viewpoint. Does that sound like something a rational man does, or an emotional woman?So, because you’re acting like a girl, there’s two options here:1) You are a female2) You are born a male, yet display all the characteristics of a female. Hence, you’re a faggit.What’s so hard to understand?

ThinkMMA site profile image  

4/30/12 7:19 PM by ThinkMMA

Rizzo, another great, is a matchup I'm Looking forward to because A) I'm a fan of mma B) this is a matchup that I've been wanting since '04. And after 3 defeats, fighting guys like Ishii and Monson is smart. Fedor's main issue in his defeats was his lack if a gameplan; that or sticking to one. What better opponents to better your game-plan abilities with? And lol at "one-legged Monson". Fedor BROKE his leg with kicks.

rockwell site profile image  

4/30/12 1:27 PM by rockwell


stonepony site profile image  

4/30/12 10:39 AM by stonepony

Of course. People who don't worship Fedor, and people who for some silly reason expect the "best" fighter to at least try to fight the best competition... Have to be trolls.But, I know. Rizzo is the best competition. Another UFC champion GOING DOWN!

stonepony site profile image  

4/30/12 10:36 AM by stonepony

And, I like how you think Pedro Rizzo is respectable competition for the HW goat. lol. And, one legged Monson, and Ishii pretending to be knocked out. GOAT! GOAT!But, I know the story don't worry. It's just a massive coincidence that he never lost, until after leaving roid-Iland, and then suddenly out of nowhere he was just washed up and past his prime, the exact moment he signed with SF.But he's back now huh? Starting up a whole new GOAT winning streak...

rockwell site profile image  

4/30/12 10:31 AM by rockwell

Just don't reply to him. Not only is he an obvious troll he is also not a very good one.

wrongaboutVitali site profile image  

4/30/12 10:29 AM by wrongaboutVitali

You're forgetting the Shaq Attack alias, ThinkMMA

ThinkMMA site profile image  

4/30/12 10:16 AM by ThinkMMA

I like how you speak for him, like you have any clue what he's thinking. Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you get over it? It's funny how much you are bothered by it. Pages and pages, multiple forums (apparently), and you still can't get over the fact that he's the hw goat. LolI like how the trolls are still trying to convince themselves (because no one else actually buys into their bs anymore) that fedor was overrated. I mean, forget the fact that he's the greatest combat sambo practitioner ever.Stonepony=Auzzie=Einstienz=obsessed-pathetic-trolls.

stonepony site profile image  

4/30/12 8:19 AM by stonepony

Eh? Just me here friend. I got banned from LowKick for not drinking the Fedor coolaid, then I logged in here.

disbeliever site profile image  

4/30/12 8:12 AM by disbeliever

So what is stoneypony's other SN?