Guida: I blame whoever slipped Overeem a Mickey


Clay Guida recently appeared this weekend on MMAWeekly Radio and discussed Alistair Overeem's recent test for use of PEDs.

"Yeah, Alistair not knowing that there is testosterone in his vitamins, is like me not knowing what kind of conditioner I'm putting in my hair," said Clay Guida. "I'm not going to put the complete blame on him, I'm going to put it on his coaches, and, maybe not his team necessarily, but his trainer and this and that and whoever maybe slipped him a Mickey or whatever you want to call it.

"I'm a fan of the guy, don't get me wrong, but, I think they had plans elsewhere or whatever it may be, but, it's a bummer that the main event in one of the biggest cards of the year is going to be kind of tampered with, just because you know, they got careless and maybe they didn't have all the belief in themselves, so. I just stick with my regular stuff. The fruits and vegetables, fish oils, glucose and stuff like that you know? I've never been big on supplements on stuff like that you know? I just take natural stuff."

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warez site profile image  

5/1/12 2:34 AM by warez

FREEM!(Free the Reem)his horse sushi was tainted!

stonepony site profile image  

5/1/12 2:31 AM by stonepony

Guida is a man, Overoids is a science experiment.

Freakin 10er site profile image  

5/1/12 2:05 AM by Freakin 10er

I like the new trending fighters column with last fights, but Reem's is wrong. It should read " L NSAC"

counterfeeding site profile image  

4/30/12 9:00 PM by counterfeeding

I see Guida's speaking style is very similar to his fighting style - lots of activity but very little substance.

Lorenzo Frittata site profile image  

4/30/12 8:45 PM by Lorenzo Frittata

Have you seen the way Overeem destroys sushi? When was the last time The Reem was in japan? Maybe his failed test is from all the rads from Fukushima getting into the fish? The NSAC can't argue with the science and as such he should be granted an immediate license. <br /><br />Are they going to suspend Shinya Aoki when he shows up to fight with a 3rd arm? That's discrimination!

Focker101 site profile image  

4/30/12 8:28 PM by Focker101

Stick to burping seems a little more in tune with your intellectual side.

UGCTT_buchu8oolong site profile image  

4/30/12 8:10 PM by UGCTT_buchu8oolong

He isn't sure what's in his conditioner???

Happiness Bunny site profile image  

4/30/12 7:56 PM by Happiness Bunny

He uses conditioner?

KrzyBnzJnz site profile image  

4/30/12 7:09 PM by KrzyBnzJnz

^ nah that's more like his post workout snackBreakfast is a car battery AT LEAST.

Purgey site profile image  

4/30/12 6:23 PM by Purgey

That's just to get a light morning run in.