Dana White: Diaz getting winner of Henderson vs. Edgar II

source: mmajunkie.com

UFC president Dana White confirmed at the UFC on FOX 3 post-event press conference that Diaz earned a shot at the 155-pound title with his win over Jim Miller.

While there were reports that Anthony Pettis might still stand in Diaz's path to a title shot, White said Diaz was offered and agreed to stay on the sidelines until he can face the winner of Benson Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar II, which takes place later this year.

White first promised Diaz a title shot during a conference call this past Wednesday. However at a pre-event press conference the following day, he put a little doubt on the potential when he admitted he didn't realize how long of a layoff that would mean for Diaz, with Henderson and Edgar tentatively scheduled to fight in August.

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Raxbot site profile image  

5/6/12 4:25 PM by Raxbot

Henderson won the fight against Edgar and is the champion. Period.This instant rematch is absurd. It screws the division and anybody in the mix for title contention, it tells Henderson "fuck you, you are still just the challenger," and it tells the fans that the belt (and winning it) doesn't really mean anything. Sure, it was a close fight, but Henderson won (legitimately). He is the champion. Bring on the next challenger (Diaz) and have Edgar fight somebody else close to the top. How about Edgar v Pettis? Or maybe Guida or Bocek?

DEZBOT site profile image  

5/6/12 6:20 AM by DEZBOT

This! It's all edgars fault! His style just attracts close decisions! Move aside for this one frankie

mijo site profile image  

5/6/12 6:20 AM by mijo

Good for Condit and Nate!

Firemansam site profile image  

5/6/12 5:44 AM by Firemansam

Pettis would wallop Diaz

Chiron site profile image  

5/6/12 5:43 AM by Chiron

That'd be pretty weak of Pettis. He'd lose me as a fan if he turned into a jogger against Diaz. Come to fight to seriously put the opponent away or give up fighting and take up marathons.

Chiron site profile image  

5/6/12 5:42 AM by Chiron

They should just forego giving Edgar his undeserved instant rematch and give it to Nate instead, especially since the fights not going to happen for 6-7 months after the 1st fight if it's Edgar because he's holding it up with his healing up from the damage Benson inflicted on him. Edgar is holding up the LW division with his pointfighting-to-close-decision-leading-to-instant-rematch style, begging and expecting the divison to wait for him to heal.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

5/6/12 3:20 AM by chaplinshouse

 after Pettis admitted he'd RUN from Nate (since "condit laid out the blueprint" to beat a diaz) I'm sooooooooooooo glad Nate doesn't have to face a wannabe trackstar before the title shot.  I think he'd win it but since Pussis won't come to fight, fuck him.  Fighters only

Sonnengoat site profile image  

5/6/12 12:15 AM by Sonnengoat

Shut the fuck up

ontilt site profile image  

5/6/12 12:10 AM by ontilt

Nope, Ariel tried to instigate into this and he said he'll fight whoever and do whatever the UFC wants him to, he just mentioned it would be nice to wait since he's been training non stop since he started training MMA. Never said outright along the lines of "I'm waiting for the shot."

discodrew site profile image  

5/6/12 12:09 AM by discodrew

he learned from pettis mistake