Miller: Diaz had my number


Miller (21-4) gave all the credit to his opponent, Nate Diaz (16-7).

“Nate controlled the fight from bell to bell,” he said. “He kept the momentum and never let me get any significant shots in there. Nate fought a beautiful fight and had my number.”

An audible “Let’s go Miller” chant broke out two minutes into the second round. Diaz also began dramatically taunting Miller around that time, dropping his hands and gesturing toward Miller.

“It didn’t affect me,” Miller said. “It was the strikes he was landing that were affecting me. I shouldn’t have given him the opportunity to be speaking.”

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Recent Comments »

Chris site profile image  

5/7/12 9:11 AM by Chris

 I was super impressed with Diaz on Saturday. I felt like Miller was never in the fight.

stonepony site profile image  

5/7/12 8:01 AM by stonepony

He can make the cut now. Georges is more likely to move up if anything. But, the point remains. Rory could easily make LW, for now, and he could challenge for the title right away.

Lorenzo Luciano site profile image  

5/7/12 7:18 AM by Lorenzo Luciano

I guarantee you that Rory will never fight at LW in the UFC. Use your brain. He is still young and growing in size and muscle mass, he will start cutting more just to reach WW.

stonepony site profile image  

5/7/12 7:05 AM by stonepony

Fuckface? Ya cut me deep Lorenzo... How much does Benson cut? 20lbs? Rory doesn't cut water weight. He diets during his camp to cut make WW. If he did a real cut, he could make LW easy. And, he'd wreck Nate. Sorry.

Lorenzo Luciano site profile image  

5/7/12 6:46 AM by Lorenzo Luciano

Obviously he means Rory is too big now to physically be able to move down to 155. Do you honestly think he'd be able to cut the weight?Use your brain fuckface

stonepony site profile image  

5/7/12 6:14 AM by stonepony

Realistically, Diaz moved down because WW's were going to keep beating him. Realistically, Rory moving down will be because he doesn't want to fight his friend Georges. Rory is smashing WW's with some of the most brutal GNP in MMA... He's also advanced as a fighter, since they fought, much more than Nate has.Doesn't matter if he doesn't move down. Miller is not Frankie. Miller is not Benson. Diaz brothers can't cope with fighters with great footwork.

SickEyeDiaz site profile image  

5/7/12 6:09 AM by SickEyeDiaz

Diaz has ALL their numbers. Take shelter lightweights, this is merely the eye of the storm.And about all the Rory talk...I just rewatched that fight and it wasn't the one sided ass whooping that several make it out to be. The suplex slams were more style than substance as they did little damage. Rory is a great fighter and he won but let's be realistic, it was far from an ass whooping.

stonepony site profile image  

5/7/12 2:29 AM by stonepony

He's not taking a belt, and neither is Nick. Frankie and Ben stand in his way, and all the 209 screaming tards are going to be able to do is whine and cry that it's not fair for another fighter to win with superior footwork.

figure four site profile image  

5/7/12 1:54 AM by figure four

we heard this shit before...3 months from now (august 5) we are going to hear how he was injured and that he would have killed diaz...

Shahanshah site profile image  

5/7/12 1:43 AM by Shahanshah

Gained a lot (more) respect for Jim with this.just stated the facts.hope to see him bounce back stronger than ever