Is Georges St-Pierre scared of being abducted by aliens? Florian says yes!


"There's a little know fact about Georges St. Pierre, sorry Georges, is that he is deathly afraid of aliens. This guy is very scared of being abducted by aliens, so we always try to tell a story, have someone come in and say they were once abducted by aliens to really freak Georges out. That's one of his big fears. Sorry Georges. He's probably the best fighter in the world and he's afraid of aliens."

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The Academy site profile image  

5/9/12 1:21 PM by The Academy

Imagine if aliens stole his stuffed unicorn. He would put aside his fears and kick some @$$. That would be a cool movie. Maybe.

8flat site profile image  

5/9/12 10:27 AM by 8flat

Fucking classic.

UGCTT_El Pescadero site profile image  

5/9/12 10:16 AM by UGCTT_El Pescadero

Gggg unit!!!

Pilot201 site profile image  

5/9/12 9:13 AM by Pilot201

Seriously next UFC show I go to that he's fighting or signing autographs I'm gonna dress in full alien gear and stand there waiting for his autograph. And when he signs it I'm going to tell him he just signed his body over to me for probing on the mothership...

disbeliever site profile image  

5/9/12 9:07 AM by disbeliever


catgobling site profile image  

5/9/12 8:59 AM by catgobling

LOL fucking nice dude

inf0 site profile image  

5/9/12 2:01 AM by inf0

   oops.. wrong kind of Alien...

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

5/9/12 1:58 AM by RyannVonDoom

Interesting. Gsp and i have the same phobia.

Porkchop site profile image  

5/9/12 12:25 AM by Porkchop

yeah they tend to jack threads like that...... fuckers.