Henderson/Edgar rematch official for Aug. 11th

source: ufc.com

The highly anticipated rematch between UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson and the man he beat for the belt in February, Frankie Edgar, now has a home and a date, as UFC President Dana White announced on Tuesday’s UFC Tonight that August 11th’s UFC 150 event in Denver will be headlined by this five round clash of 155-pound titans.

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Recent Comments »

Farewell Brock site profile image  

5/10/12 2:32 AM by Farewell Brock

Yawn, bendo by hulk smash

tjmitchiscool site profile image  

5/10/12 1:55 AM by tjmitchiscool

I like Frankie, but c'mon this rematch is a joke...

studiocamp site profile image  

5/10/12 1:40 AM by studiocamp

Frankie doesn't deserve anything. His mindset is to do just enough to win, which will always set up rematches for him win or lose. If anything he should get punished not rewarded.

Manny Yarbrough GOAT site profile image  

5/9/12 6:58 PM by Manny Yarbrough GOAT

what a fucking joke.

Bounty Hunter site profile image  

5/9/12 6:56 PM by Bounty Hunter

dear godplease don't be a draw

jjj2121 site profile image  

5/9/12 1:11 PM by jjj2121

 Then Nate Diaz went out and curbstomped a top 5-6 LW and earned a title shot...suddenly Frankie's nose felt better.  Think Dana may have whispered that Frankie's spot in line was in jeopardy if he pulled out of the fight...UFC is too lean on main event fights ATM to wait around on challengers.  If a challenger can't fill his date, next guy in line gets the shot.

cool hand Ed site profile image  

5/9/12 1:07 PM by cool hand Ed

Zzzzzzzzzzz.............Really?Fuck all these damn rematches at LW! Frakie is the worst thing to ever happen to the LW division.

SubConscience site profile image  

5/9/12 12:27 PM by SubConscience

After what everyone just saw from Nate Diaz Uncle Dana is killing momentum... And PPV buys$$

SubConscience site profile image  

5/9/12 12:21 PM by SubConscience

Not sure why there's a re-match?After the fight Bendo looked like he got back from a jog. Frankie looked like he got raped by polar bear. Bottom line, Frankie is a high level FW fighting high level LW's. He can't take this punishment forever, it's not good for his melon.

haterade site profile image  

5/9/12 11:56 AM by haterade

even if i paid for ufc, i wouldn't touch this crapgive it to diaz/pettis