Josh Thomson denies Melendez bout in jeopardy from knee injury


Guerilla journalist Front Row Brian, who earlier  broke the story that King Mo is heading to Bellator and TNA wrestling, is now reporting that the Thompson vs. Melendez Strikeforce Lightweight world championship is in jeopardy. The fight, scheduled to be shown live(ish) on SHOWTIME, Saturday May 19th at 10PM ET/PT would be the third time the two fought.

Thomson won a unanimous decision in the first fight in 2008, and then lost a unanimous decision 18 months later.

Brian ‏ @FrontRowBrian
---Breaking--- Josh Thomson has suffered a knee injury and his fight with Gilbert Melendez on 5/19 is in jeopardy @Strikeforce

Brian ‏ @FrontRowBrian
BREAKING •••Update••• Josh Thomson has suffered a Torn PCL.

Brian ‏ @FrontRowBrian
@therealpunk, the warrior he is, still wants to fight Gil. Highly unlikely with a Torn PCL

Read entire Twitter... (Front Row Brian)

However, Josh Thomson is vehemently denying that whatever happened will affect the bout. Thomson and FRB volleyed over it via Twitter.

Josh Thomson ‏ @THEREALPUNK
Gotta love when so obscure twitter guy thinks he has the inside scoop on what's going on. Ha! Just another way to get a follower or 2 #troll

Brian ‏ @FrontRowBrian
so you didn't injure your knee in any way? This claim is contrary to information given to me by people who would know.

Brian ‏ @FrontRowBrian
I have 3 sources on the injury. No need to insult me. I did my homework. All 3 sources lied to me?

Josh Thomson ‏ @THEREALPUNK
This is why UFC n SF tell fighters to get approval before talking to any small obscure media. They never no what the hell theyre tlkin about

Brian ‏ @FrontRowBrian
address my questions. You can bash me later. Explain why 3 sources confirmed your knee injury.

Josh Thomson ‏ @THEREALPUNK
What fighter doesn't have some sort of injury going into a fight? I'm fighting so peoples sources are jokes just like they're websites.

Brian ‏ @FrontRowBrian
So did Punk just confirm the injury?

Brian ‏ @FrontRowBrian
Even @arielhelwani acknowledged in an earlier tweet @THEREALPUNK was dealing with an injury. But I'm the guy who gets insulted?

Read entire Twitter... (Josh Thomson)


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Recent Comments »

Chiron site profile image  

5/13/12 12:14 PM by Chiron

Forget Thompson. He doesn't deserve it doing little more than looking like a dog in heat on Noons leg all night anyway. Just send Melendez to the UFC wehre he belongs.

FrankenBeans site profile image  

5/11/12 2:24 PM by FrankenBeans

Woo! let's make it happen anyways! get Thomson out of there

UGCTT_chuckles1 site profile image  

5/11/12 2:14 PM by UGCTT_chuckles1

From Pat's twitter: "@BamBamHealy: If Josh Thomson is injured and they need someone to fight Gil, you already know I'm down @Strikeforce @ufc #mma"

GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

5/11/12 1:55 PM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

@FrontRowBrian: I don't think Pat Healy would agree to a 5 round title fight on 5.19. More likely in Portland July 14.It's JZ Calvan or nothing. He beat Thomson IMO in their fight.

nhbguy site profile image  

5/11/12 12:39 PM by nhbguy

This is really the only option if Thomson isn't cleared. It may not be ideal for JZ switching from a 3 rounder to a 5 rounder on a week's notice, but what else are they going to do? At the very least JZ is in fight shape, has a credible name, and is coming off a win. Who else could it be on the Strikeforce roster? Healy more than likely wouldn't be ready for a 5 round fight on a week's notice. Justin Wilcox and Carlos Fodor are both coming off losses.

Steve4192 site profile image  

5/11/12 12:36 PM by Steve4192

 I'll see your Josh Thomson and raise you a David Terrell. At least Thomson was healthy enough to have a career.

CagePotato site profile image  

5/11/12 11:31 AM by CagePotato

Haha, this.If it's true, Thomson has to be the most injury-cursed MMA fighter of all time.

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

5/11/12 10:52 AM by Cyril Jeff

  JZ or Bam Bam make the most sense, but again, no way these guys can be expected to fight 5rds... props to FRB.

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

5/11/12 9:23 AM by Reed Rothchild

Dana White ' do want to be a fucking Strikeforce champion'

Steve4192 site profile image  

5/11/12 7:33 AM by Steve4192

I would have more faith in this if MMA camps didn't have a long history of denying injuries before a fight and then using them as excuses after the fight.  I hope Josh is 100%, but I suspect he is injured and plans to soldier on and fight anyway.  I'm sure we'll hear all about the injury if/when he looks awful against Gilbert.  Kind of like Rampage against Bader.