Arianny: I still am very shy

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***Warning: If you don't want to look at or read about Arianny, don't look at or read about Arianny. Thank you. if you do want to, you're welcome.***


Arianny Celeste was selected by Vegas Seven magazine as the cover model for their annual Summer Survival Guide.

Vegas Seven: Posing nude for Playboy: more nerve-racking, empowering or both?

Arianny Celeste: Both. I was very, very nervous. I had waited for a long time and thought about it for years and years. I actually got an offer in 2008, but I just wasn’t ready mentally. But in 2010, I was ready, I felt like a woman, I felt proud of myself, so I just went for it. Knowing that not everyone can be in that magazine, let alone be on the cover, that was the empowering part. It was a dream for me.

VS: You were quoted in Maxim as saying you don’t really care about a man’s physical appearance and that you like computer nerds. Please tell all the everyday guys out there that you were quoted accurately!

AC: Yeah, I was. I’m more attracted to a person’s mind than the way they look. I [like] honesty and integrity and personality—just be yourself

VS: Were you confident you’d get the UFC job when you auditioned?

No, I wasn’t. I walked in as this fresh-faced, young 21-year-old, knew nothing about the sport, competing against 35-40 other girls, and I was very shy—and still am very shy. But I just figured, well, ‘I’m going to UNLV full time and if I got the gig, this would be awesome because I could pay for more schooling.’ So I just went for it. And five years later, I’m still here!

VS: Wait, you just said you’re still shy. Really?

AC: Yeah. But with this job, I can’t be shy. When I put on my Arianny Celeste [persona], I’m the sexpot, I’m the vixen. But when I’m home, I’m really down to earth. I like to stay home, I like to chill, I hate wearing makeup. It’s like a completely different person.

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shen site profile image  

5/13/12 3:52 PM by shen

Well, "Ring Card Girl" actually is a pretty common career choice for the terminally shy.It's heartbreaking how these women hide themselves away from the world, cloistered like nuns, timidly eking out a living by quietly appearing on television in a swimsuit & high heels.

Fawkinxd site profile image  

5/13/12 3:41 PM by Fawkinxd

She's hot!

BuddyRevell site profile image  

5/13/12 12:12 PM by BuddyRevell

 VTFU and Thank God for this.

Chiron site profile image  

5/13/12 12:01 PM by Chiron

A shy attention whore? Riiight.She's very pretty, no doubt. But wanting to have it both ways with the exhibitionist/shy thing is rich.

Micha3l Kn1ght site profile image  

5/12/12 8:16 PM by Micha3l Kn1ght

 PM me when this bitch finally has an ass.

Evzey site profile image  

5/12/12 1:59 PM by Evzey

That's fucking brilliant!!

Ya Mon site profile image  

5/12/12 1:57 PM by Ya Mon

I usually value them at a dollar 'cause that's all it costs for them to crawl on all 4s towards you

Humphrey site profile image  

5/12/12 1:17 PM by Humphrey

some of those bubbleheads are actually proud of 'pole dancing'. they are that delusional\. well, some are. most know deep down they're value is next to nothing to men, but some actually believe it.

UGCTT_Winnson site profile image  

5/12/12 1:12 PM by UGCTT_Winnson

Sour grapes methinks

Ya Mon site profile image  

5/12/12 1:09 PM by Ya Mon

And a true expression of the fact that they are entering womanhood. It's like strippers thinking they are practicing an art form. Hey, I guess they don't like to hear tits or gtfo? Both have the same result either way.