Poirier ready for title talks if he makes it past The Korean Zombie

source: mmaweekly.com

“Sometimes I think about it. Like, just a couple fights ago if I had said I’m finishing fights, and I’m beating good guys; I want a title shot. I could have said that after I beat Pablo Garza. I just want to learn and be ready. When it’s my time to fight for the belt, I want to be ready. I want to take full advantage it,” Poirier told MMAWeekly Radio.

Taking full advantage of the situation he’s in is a big reason why Poirier was looking at his last fight against newcomer Max Holloway as just as tough of a fight as facing any top ten fighter in the world.

“It’s dangerous sometimes. What if one of those knees or punches would have slipped through and caught me on the chin when I fought a new guy like Max Holloway? Some fights are dangerous. The media might have built it like that, the guy didn’t have a bunch of fights, nobody knew who he was, but I knew he was dangerous and I knew he was hungry,” said Poirier.

“So it was just as dangerous as if I was fighting him or the Korean Zombie. Every fight I learn so much.”

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Doctor NPD site profile image  

5/16/12 8:08 PM by Doctor NPD

To be fair, he also said that if he beat Korean Zombie, he would want to fight Hioki before accepting a title shot. Had he won both of those, he would have had enough high profile fights to warrant a title shot in an otherwise weak division. Plus he turned down the shot before Koch got it. I don't think he was going around saying he deserved the title shot.

ENZO007 site profile image  

5/16/12 8:02 PM by ENZO007

Dustin had nothing for TKZ but a few jabs... He got beat up and mugged in this fight!

AttentionDeficitDizzle site profile image  

5/16/12 6:52 PM by AttentionDeficitDizzle


AttentionDeficitDizzle site profile image  

5/13/12 4:50 PM by AttentionDeficitDizzle

 Dude is trolling, he needs more fights and exposure.  How is Dana gonna sell someone who doesn't have a lot of high profile fights?  Everyone these days thinks they deserve a title shot, bunch of bullshit.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

5/12/12 3:12 PM by chaplinshouse

 Fan of both but Poirier is on another level.  TKZ will be exposed

junobeach site profile image  

5/12/12 11:10 AM by junobeach

TKZ will eat his brains

brianlg site profile image  

5/12/12 11:07 AM by brianlg

he will not make it past korean zombie

GelderdEnd site profile image  

5/12/12 4:08 AM by GelderdEnd

Haha yep, looks like its a day of not checking the UG and straight onto isohunt for me

some cool name site profile image  

5/12/12 1:06 AM by some cool name

Super bummed about not having fuel. :/

Chris site profile image  

5/12/12 12:11 AM by Chris

 hard to disagree as this would make it 6 in a row.