Gracie, Estima detail jiu-jitsu match no show


Renzo Gracie said he plans to talk with the promoter soon to find out exactly what went wrong over the weekend. But he noted that Cesar Gracie had a role in the expo that may have exceeded that of a mere fighter rep.

"For Cesar to bring in his camp, he received a big percentage of the expo," Renzo Gracie said.

However, the MMA legend specifically points to the conversation between Estima, the promoter and Cesar Gracie as the root of the problem.

"You don't call a guy's room to tell that [the opponent] is going to be 10 pounds overweight at midnight on the day previous to his fight," said Renzo Gracie. "There's a psychological effect in there.

"Nick Diaz is a guy that was already giving up too much to fight Braulio, and the next thing you see, 10 pounds heavier. And the other one is so ignorant that he passes that information without even thinking how much damage he can deliver, and it ended up being that."

"'Cesar told you that you need to weigh 180 (pounds) tomorrow,'" Estima said of his next conversation with the promoter. "I said, 'Hold on. The verbal agreement was 180 on Friday, or 185 on Saturday. It was supposed to be one or the other.'"

Cesar Gracie admitted the agreed-upon weight changed multiple times in the lead-up to the event. He declined to further discuss details of the tournament and said a statement from his camp is forthcoming.

Still, Estima agreed to cut to 180 pounds. He soon heard via Twitter that he had missed weight, which wasn't accurate in his mind because the weigh-in had been agreed for 10 a.m. on Saturday morning. He wasn't sure whether Diaz's manager was behind the messages, but proceeded nonetheless.

Estima said he made 180 pounds on Saturday morning in the presence of a Cesar Gracie black belt Lana Stefanic and documented the entire process with video. He then texted Gracie with confirmation of his weight and asked the manager if he could check Diaz's weight.

"[Gracie] said, 'Nick was 180 yesterday, last night,' and I said, 'Where did he weigh in?' Estima said. "He said, 'I saw.' I said, 'OK, you saw, but none of my representatives saw it.'"

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Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

5/15/12 11:05 AM by Gnarls Gnarlington

Stockton slapped imo

Octagon Mom site profile image  

5/15/12 2:23 AM by Octagon Mom

Diaz is the Axl Rose of MMA.

Doem site profile image  

5/15/12 12:15 AM by Doem

here is a guilty and embarrassed looking nick missing weight for an elite XC event

RandyDarsh site profile image  

5/14/12 10:34 PM by RandyDarsh

You are trying too hard

Hunterbass site profile image  

5/14/12 9:47 PM by Hunterbass

I wonder if Diaz busts out the scales before he street fights in the meeeeean streets of stockton. I can see it now, a guy pushes him in a bar, he sends one of his yes men to the car, they bring a scale in, 188? Nah dawg I'll let this one slide." For a guy who has said a thousand times he'd fight anyone anywhere he sure seems to be making a big deal out of a 10 minute charity match.

Poindexter site profile image  

5/14/12 9:43 PM by Poindexter

 I knew it was Estima's doing.

billyball2 site profile image  

5/14/12 9:38 PM by billyball2

Fixed that for you

GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

5/14/12 9:36 PM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

Diaz didn't want to face the best, it comes down to that

RandyDarsh site profile image  

5/14/12 9:35 PM by RandyDarsh

I b4 blind Diaz h8

inf0 site profile image  

5/14/12 9:34 PM by inf0

sounds like Diaz said f you homie....