Fedor reports he plans to retire soon

source: The Underground

Fedor Emelianenko recently held a press conference in advance of his June 21 fight Pedro Rizzo at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. He announced that he will be retiring soon.

Fedor has decided to retire

Fedor Emelianenko announced that he plans to soon close his career as a fighter, reports the online edition of Sports.Ru. He did not say exactly when he will leave the sport.

In the future Emelianenko is going to coach young people, but will not open his own school.

Emelianenko will be rooting for Josh Barnett, who will meet with Daniel Cormier on May 19 in the Strikeforce Grand Prix tournament finals. He said it was unlikely he would fight against the winner, because of his own plans for retirement.

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ThinkMMA site profile image  

6/7/12 12:58 AM by ThinkMMA

Hey look, Doc spewed nothing but disrespect and nonsense in bold lettering again.

IwillSuckTheSkinOffYourBone site profile image  

6/7/12 12:05 AM by IwillSuckTheSkinOffYourBone

You are talking nonsense, and its pretty much pointless to even debate with a retard like you.  

Russianorkhan site profile image  

6/6/12 10:47 PM by Russianorkhan

Exactly this hahaha....plus i been posting it in every fedor retirement related thread since the day the news came out because i seen and heard the press conf and interview IN RUSSIAN so i knew he never said he is retiring.....and dr gay, do u really believe he hasnt beat anyone since pride??? Way to shit on the 2 most dominant ufc hw champs to this point(arlovski and sylvia, who also were top 5 by the way) then tried to fight another top 5 fighter at the time josh barnett before he pissed dirty.then beating another top 10 in rogers who had an identical record and was very similar to shane carwin..this was rankings by every respectible mma site and magazine...not my personal rankings and not ur personal rankings...we are talking about facts not opinions, whixh u have plenty of....then he fought and lost to another top 10 in werdum......so thats 4 straight fights fighting 2 top 5 hw"s and 2 top 10 hw"s.....yeah i see were ur coming from his competetion sucked.....ur just a waste of time to argue dr gay cause u dont even make for an intresting debate cause u and ur opinions are retarded...im talkin facts ur talkin opinions...see the difference?

ThinkMMA site profile image  

6/6/12 9:07 PM by ThinkMMA

 Besides the fact that the retirement story was never a story because of translation problems. Fedor never said he was retiring. Great call!

IwillSuckTheSkinOffYourBone site profile image  

6/6/12 6:20 PM by IwillSuckTheSkinOffYourBone

Knew this 22 days ago that he wouldnt retire.  

kevsh site profile image  

6/6/12 1:00 PM by kevsh

Fedor fans and detractors fuel each other, they couldn't exist independently. The criticism by one side leads to the other side defending, a vicious circle that never ends or even slows down. In the middle of all this, so to speak, is what seems like a genuinely humble, appreciative and entertaining fighter who has given MMA fans some of the most memorable moments in the sport./mini essay

Kanabull site profile image  

6/6/12 12:48 PM by Kanabull

Some people will never understand why Fedor fans love him, and most of his fans for some reason are terrible at articulating it.I won't sit here and attempt to convince everyone that he is the greatest of all time, however in my mind he is. Not because of who he fought, but because of how he fought and the way he conducted himself. Immensely respectful outside the ring/cage, and extremely aggressive inside of it. That in my opinion has far more to do with being the "greatest" rather than mathematically adding up a fighters records based on opponents win ratio and determining who has the best wins over toughest competition calculated by some formula.I have watched an embarrassing amount of MMA, and there is no fighter, except for maybe Anderson, that stirs more excitement for me when that bell rings than Fedor. Both fighters have a "mystic" factor that gives me butterflies when they step in the cage. Most fighters don't have this (for me at least), and I feel it is an important intangible when considering who you believe is the greatest fighter.Also, Fedor's haters don't even skip out on his fights. They want to see him fight (and lose) as badly as his fans want to see him fight and win. Any fighter who garners that much support from even their biggest critics has some sort of "it" factor even their naysayers can't deny.

Auzzie site profile image  

6/6/12 12:24 PM by Auzzie

good one! So because I dont worship fedor, all of sudden im a virgin now?speaking of desperation lol

D241 site profile image  

6/6/12 12:18 PM by D241

 FUCK THIS THREAD!!! http://www.mmamania.com/2012/6/6/3067719/fedor-emelianenko-pedro-rizzo-retire-mma  http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/news/405910/Fedor-unsure-about-retirement-future-still-in-the-hands-of-God/ For OP:

rockwell site profile image  

6/1/12 1:06 AM by rockwell

Palmela Handerson