Renzo: If there’s someone to blame, it’s me


At 45, Renzo Gracie is a legend. He started fighting before the UFC existed, competed in the UFC, Pride, IFL, RINGS, MARS, and the WCC, holds wins over four former UFC world champions, and has trained multiple UFC champions, including Matt Serra and GSP.

Among numerous successful business ventures, Renzo runs the most successful martial arts school in America, and has affiliated academies across the USA, and in Singapore, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and Israel.

And he never stops smiling.

His most recent effort was the The World Jiu-Jitsu Expo, held in Long Beach, California on the May 12.

“I believe this inaugural event will be the start of something that will quickly blossom into one of the hottest sports fairs on the planet," said Renzo before the show. "The World Jiu-Jitsu Expo won’t just draw the sport’s big  names from the past and present, it’ll showcase the history, the myths and milestones that brought Jiu-Jitsu to become the phenomenon it is today."

When Nick Diaz no showed a planned grappling superfight with world champion Braulio Estima, there were accusations and blame between the event coordinator, the Gracie camp, and Estima. No one blamed Renzo. However, Renzo recently appeared on The Mauro Ranallo Show, and took responsibility.

“I have to be honest, if there’s someone to blame it’s me," said Renzo. "Even though it was my expo, I had one guy (“Junior”) working on it and he was good at organizing it and putting it together. The only thing he’s not good at is dealing with fighters.

"Junior called Ceasar Gracie’s room the night previously at midnight and said Braulio Estima would be 10 pounds overweight. You have to understand Nick Diaz was already giving up too much fighting that caliber of fighter in BJJ. For Nick to take the match, it shows the kind of guts he has.

"It ended up turning out the way that it did because the guy dealing with the fighters is an amateur, and he didn’t understand the emotions the athletes go through.”

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BaraoKix site profile image  

5/16/12 5:49 PM by BaraoKix

Ya guys, lets show some damn repsect Promotors should be getting dangerpay when dealing with Nick... could blow up in their face

thforklift site profile image  

5/16/12 5:25 PM by thforklift

10 min of fame? Dude broke out in 2003. Nice try there, twelver.

thehenriques site profile image  

5/16/12 3:42 PM by thehenriques

Diaz 10 min of fame is almost up

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

5/16/12 3:40 PM by LilBrockonmychest

Nah, not emotional at all.  Feel free to read what I post next time before responding.  I realize you mental midgets are so enamored with Nick and think it's just so amazing to hear a guy swear and to watch him flick people off, but you'll grow out of that.  He's a phenominal fighter and someday you'll be able to focus on that and not look up to a guy that you think is cool because he smokes weed and blows off commitments and screws people over.  I fully understand "Nick is Nick."  Scheduling a seminar where people alter their schedules and pay money to have him blow it off is not cool, no matter how much you think it is.  If he doesn't want to oversee a seminar, that is fine.  Then don't schedule one.  If he doesn't want to attend an OTM autograph signing, don't agree to do it.   If he's scared of GSP, don't sign to fight him.  If he's scared of Jay Hieron, don't sign to fight him.  If he's scared of Estima, don't sign to grapple him.  It's not that hard of a concept for an adult to grasp.  Again, you'll get it someday.

T-Ham site profile image  

5/16/12 3:13 PM by T-Ham

 You win. I'm going to write Nick a letter right now and demand that he start behaving in a fashion that LilBrockonmychest  from the internet thinks is appropriate. This will change him dramatically i'm sure of it. The thing that escapes you and others like you is that Nick is Nick. Love him or hate him he is Nick Diaz and like it or not any time you stamp his name on an event a lot of people are going to tune in. Look how emotional you guys are over this. It's fantastic.

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

5/16/12 3:02 PM by LilBrockonmychest

1)   Did you just compare Nick Diaz to Mike Tyson?  Wow, you Diaz fans are more delusional that I previously expected.  2)  And save the dramatics kid.  I never said anything along the lines of him being the antichrist.  I said he was an inconsiderate price and that is the truth.  3)  Regarding the miscommunication, you can keep believing Cesars side as truth if you want.  I see you do admit that there was miscommunication with Estima as well.  Funny that even with that, he was not afraid, able to cut weight, and show up to compete on time.

T-Ham site profile image  

5/16/12 2:52 PM by T-Ham

Nobody said Nick was a saint but on the other hand you're acting like he is the anti christ and that's not accurate at all. Nick is Nick and if you haven't figured that out by now then that's your fault. Why do you think the board blows up every time Nick sneezes? He is an enigma who is spectacular in the cage and people are fascinated by him just like people were/are with Tyson. Look at all the miscommunication between the Estima camp and the Diaz camp. Neither one of them were clear on what was happening. The promoter/coordinator completely botched the event and Renzo himself admits it. If Nick leaving because the event was so poorly coordinated surprises you then hello, and welcome to Nick Diaz being Nick Diaz, have a seat over there sit back and enjoy the show. I promise you wont be disappointed.

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

5/16/12 2:00 PM by LilBrockonmychest

 Don't act like Nick is some sort of saint because he donated a whole $1,000 to charity.  With the amount of people that requested refunds because they did not get what they paid for, that $1,000 was probably wiped back out.  Not to mention many people traveled to watch Nick compete and many others paid the PPV and didn't get what they were supposed to. If Nick is such a good guy and, per Cesar, Nick had already left Long Beach first thing Saturday morning, why didn't they announce that he wouldn't be competing long before the event started?  That would've saved a trip for bunch of people, time for people waiting around for an event to take place, the $30 entrance fee for those that attended, time for others sitting around waiting for the stream to start, and money for those who paid for the PPV.  He's an inconsiderate prick and there's no other way to look at it.

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

5/16/12 1:45 PM by ABE FROMAN

If Renzo had accepted blame and merely said it was one of his guys fucking up the conversation would be 'Why is Renzo hiding whoever did it? I bet the person doesn't exist because they are just trying to make Nick look good'. This is 100% of what would've happened because we're never satisfied. MMA Fans.......  

biggator site profile image  

5/16/12 1:21 PM by biggator

somehow "Junior" was good enough at communicating with fighters to talk multiple world champs into showing up.... i think the part that was renzo's fault was that he didnt explain to "jr" that nick needed "special" attention for whatever reason. Junior somehow talked Estima into leaving a family vacation and flying around the world to cut weight and show up. NICK ASKED to be a part of this event and they gave him a superfight. and now we are getting apologies from all kinds of people that all fulfilled their responsibility? ttt for nick getting the help he needs. not more people to apologize for him.