Maldonado: Judges wanted to f--- me up

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

Fabio Maldonado and Igor Prokrajac put on one of the best fights of the night at UFC On Fuel 3, with Prokrajac taking a unanimous decision. This was Maldonado's second decision loss in a row, but many, including UFC President Dana White, thought it should not have been a loss at all.

Maldonado agrees, vehemently.

"There was a judge who scored it 30-27, there’s no logic in it," said Maldonado. "I’m really sad."

“I won it and that’s it. Everybody saw it, even the judges. The three judges who gave it to him know deep down I won. In my opinion it’s not a mistake, is called having a bad character, mainly the one who scored 30-27… They want to f--- me up, they didn’t want to give me the win once again."

“He hit me with an elbow really hard, he has heavy hands. It’s been a while since I was last hit that hard. He took me down, got the mount, but that was it. I won the second and third rounds. I’m punched, get kneeled on the face and nothing happens, but then I throw a couple of punches on his face and he gets all dizzy and can walk… It’s complicated."

“I don’t wanna be a tough guy who pleases the fans who watch. I wanna become a champion."

Maldonado's remarks were echoed by manager Alex Davis.

“I saw it, Dana White saw it, Fight Metrics saw it, and everybody saw Maldonado winning." said Davis. "What happens is that everybody saw theat he won. I don’t where it came from, I don’t know who these guys get licenses to be judges. There was a guy who scored it 30-27. How dare he? This guy must come from Kenpo, Taekwondo or whatever, but it was absurd to me."

The fact that Maldonado can take a shot and doesn't always avoid them may have complicated matters for him.

“(Maldonado) shouldn’t let (Prokrajac) hit, but they score it for points. Since he can handle many punches, he thinks he doesn’t need to defend himself that much and let it go to the judges score card, but it doesn’t justify stealing. It’s not because the guy hit him with a knee that it worth more than ten punches. Those judges are unprepared, not used to fighting. It’s bizarre.

“Virginia is a small state. The Athletic Committee is unprepared and that’s the result. It’s sad because they’re professional athletes, who put much effort to prepare for fights like this and then have the victory stolen from them. It’s just sad and Dana White also complains about it."

“Congratulations, Maldonado. We have to work on some aspects, but he’s been through a hard moment before the fight, some politic problems and it disturbed him from training. Even so, he had great conditioning, he was doing great, just fine. He’s much better than that."

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EckY site profile image  

5/17/12 8:07 AM by EckY

 When was the last UFC event that didnt have very questionable judging? It is really ruining the sport, the fact nothing seems to be being done about it is a joke.

GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

5/17/12 5:10 AM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

 Isn't this the guy who said he wanted to "smash" the Americans?  USA USA USA 

AJDavis site profile image  

5/16/12 10:25 PM by AJDavis

That was a bs dec. Things like this are hurting guys lives. The people committing these errors are going home without a second thought, except their own self importance!

AJDavis site profile image  

5/16/12 10:22 PM by AJDavis

Chiron site profile image  

5/16/12 9:22 PM by Chiron

Gotta agree. It just shows the ridiculous amount of weight they give to takedowns even if you don't do crap with them. I had it 29-28 Maldonado. I could see giving 2 rounds to Igor, even though I don't agree with it, but 3? That's pure incompetence on the part of the official. They obviously give takedowns and top control uber points and bodyshots no points.

mmavixen site profile image  

5/16/12 7:28 PM by mmavixen

 Like most UG'ers, I think the 30-27 score was absurd.  There's been a 30-27 trend lately, I am sure others have noticed, where one judge awards every round to one fighter, while the other 2 judges award 29-28. However, the fight was very close. For Maldonado to claim there's some conspiracy against him is senseless. We've seen much worse decisions, outright robberies, where the guy's taken the high road and hasn't complained about it..  Think, Kampmann and especially Marcus Galvao.

twodragunns site profile image  

5/16/12 7:10 PM by twodragunns

 It seems every UFC has an issue exactly like this one Fabio is facing and this is some of the worst officiating I've ever seen in my life! These athletic commisions need to get their shit together once and for all and start doing their jobs properly by assigning legitimate judges with good upstanding records ONLY to oversee these huge events. This and other circumstances are definitely holding this sport and the fans back to a large degree and this needs to stop and soon. We've all witnessed many terrible judging displays that decimate the fighters record and the fans enjoymentand this can be culled by blacklisting the judges that are doing these poor jobs. If their record of judging isn't up to snuff, pass on them and blacklist their asses from ever rendering another bad decision again. We the fans are tired of bad judging and want something done about it as enough is enough already!! I had Maldonado wining a close decision by 29-28 ..... he hit Igor with alot of shots in their fight and deserved the win. The one judge who had this 30-27 shouldn't ever be allowed to judge another mma fight in his or her life. This judge is completely wrong and did a terrible job and should be dealt with appropriately.  

McBottery site profile image  

5/16/12 7:07 PM by McBottery

Igor 29-28, it was close but imo he did enough.

UGCTT_FryedTakayama site profile image  

5/16/12 6:57 PM by UGCTT_FryedTakayama

 Maldonado is clearly getting the Kampmann treatment when it goes to a decision. He could be 3-0 in the UFC if judges knew what they were watching. Hope he comes out and KOs his next opponent to make a statement.

WrestleT site profile image  

5/16/12 6:56 PM by WrestleT

Why can't Tatame hire a competent translator? I can deal with broken English, but when translations result in "The fact the Brazilian trusts his chin might have complicated things for him, once he didn’t mind defending the coups his opponent landed on him.".Defending the coups? Is the author exercising some poetic license to romanticize the article?