Estima still wants Nick Diaz BJJ match, Cesar Gracie agrees

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

Estima believed that because it was considered a "friendly" competition, the weigh-ins were not a big deal, a sentiment clearly not shared by Diaz.

Angered by the chaotic setup, he left without a word to anyone.

"We didn’t know Nick had left," Gracie said. "He does things on his own timing. He makes a decision and he doesn’t really talk to people about it. It’s something that needs to be fixed, but I didn’t know Nick wasn’t there. Nobody knew.

Estima is still very much interested in grappling with him on the mats, as long as there is a date, time, place and agreed-upon number set for the weigh-ins.

Gracie said he would still like to see the match happen as well, eventually.

"Right now, Nick is dealing with all this NSAC stuff, and it’s like they’re coming at him double-barreled, because he had the audacity to challenge them in court and everything, and say, 'get a lawyer," he said. "And they’re not used to doing that, so they’re coming at this guy crazy. We’ve got to deal with that stuff, make sure his head is right and everything. But I would love to see it. I’m sure he’d do it in the future, but it wouldn’t involve (event arketing director) Junior (Nalty)."

As for Estima's Saturday night comment that he'd be willing to fight Diaz in MMA, well, he took that back.

"When I mentioned about the fight MMA with Nick Diaz, I was a little bit overheated," he said. "I think It is kind of a little bit over the top for me to say that to him. My idea I wanted to come across was, if he was around, I would show up."

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dudefromisrael site profile image  

5/17/12 5:05 AM by dudefromisrael

 Is Diaz ever at fault for anything?

CaliKush site profile image  

5/17/12 4:32 AM by CaliKush


Calhoon site profile image  

5/17/12 4:14 AM by Calhoon

This fight will never happen IMO. Nick, or should I say Cesar, or pehaps both are full of one excuse after the other.

UGCTT_ScarecrowRio site profile image  

5/17/12 3:02 AM by UGCTT_ScarecrowRio

Right?? I think thats up there with trying to triangle an attacker with a knife, of course need to pull guard first

Octagon Mom site profile image  

5/17/12 2:34 AM by Octagon Mom

Great post, I just joined a big name school and I was just a little concerned with how much emphasis is being placed on point fighting for competition, like you sweep him that's two points, but at the end of the day you swept him and then what, no one is counting numbers out on the street.

BUFFGEO site profile image  

5/17/12 2:25 AM by BUFFGEO

LOL im not sure I would gho back to a school that taught me to pull guard in a multi attacker street fight LOL

BUFFGEO site profile image  

5/17/12 2:18 AM by BUFFGEO

BJJ is a great street self defense system if you learn from someone who is a veteran blackbelt instructorProblem today is these new guys who only learned and got good at the limited amount of shit they needed to win tournaments so they can get there blackbelts in 5 or 6 years. When I was coming up I was privileged to be able to spend a lot of time with guys like Soneca, Gordo, Renzo, etc... what those guys teach is damn good for self defense! You just dont see that type of teaching that much anymore... Im very specific about how I teach white through blue belts and self defense in REAL fighting (not MMA) is very important...we are martial artist first after allI know its not common because I have colored belts visit from other school all the time and theyre always surprised at what we cover... funny thing is they always enjoy it and think its cool to know and they should cover it more. Its fun to spend time on the newest deep halfguard or brimbolo sweep, but there is plenty of time for both. It can be done, look at Renzo's academy... those guys kill it in the gi, without the gi and MMA... BJJ is seemingly going through another evolution from the Old school style to the new sport only style like most of these franchise teams are becoming just to flood tournaments with there name to win team titles

Octagon Mom site profile image  

5/17/12 2:00 AM by Octagon Mom

There is a real disadvantage to BJJ tournament guys that never get to experience getting hit while on the ground. It's the same thing when you walk into some BJJ schools and they start taking their sport technique and thinking it is the most ideal thing to do in a real altercation, like pulling guard on the street.One on one in a controlled environment BJJ makes sense, but a lot of heavy modification has to be done to make it a survival self defence system. Worst case scenario would be 2 or more on one and initiating common reflexes of BJJ like clinching, or pulling guard and wrestling.Sorry for my rant just got back from BJJ class where we went over pulling guard on the street and when I brought up multiple attackers I was given a stern look like "bitch, soon as the second guy sees how good my guard is, he aint gonna want any part of this."

Octagon Mom site profile image  

5/17/12 2:00 AM by Octagon Mom

You can learn a lot from eating shots in practice, not knock your head off shots but ones where your partner adds some loving resistance.The best method is hit as hard as you would want to get hit back in practice. Like a black belt would hit a white belt, soft, but with intension.Something that is desperately missing in BJJ.

inf0 site profile image  

5/17/12 1:50 AM by inf0

it's too bad.. Damien Maia was a fucking killer before he tried his hand at striking.