Cormier: Barnett's generation 'starting to slow down'

by Steven Marrocco | source:

At the "Strikeforce: Heavyweight Grand Prix Finale" press conference, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker detailed the highlights of Josh Barnett's extraordinary 10-year career, including Barnett's win over Randy Couture for the UFC heavyweight championship.

While TUF 10 noobs may not know much before Kimbo Slice, Daniel Cormier apparently didn't either.

"I really had no idea," said Cormie whose MMA career is but three years old. "I didn't know he beat that many guys."

"No knock on Josh, but everybody that fought in that era is starting to slow down. He was in the battles just as they were. So I think it's going to take a guy to bring it out of him, to show him that it is mileage, and time is starting to catch up to him.

"Maybe after the fight, people will say, 'He's slowing down. He's not what he used to be.' But guys don't slow down on their own. Somebody has to actually show them that the time has come, where it's starting to catch up, all the battles and all the wars."

"[Barnett] beat all those guys, but a lot of those big wins are back before 2005, so it's not like all these wins are recent. A lot of those wins are way back in the day, so Josh is a completely different fighter than he was."

"Back in the day, if a guy had a leg lock, he could be a world champion. Well, the game's changed now, and it's advanced. All that stuff doesn't really pertain to me."

Oddsmakers say that Cormier is the underdog in the fight, though only by a slight margin.

"They saw I'd come a long way, and I've had eight months, and I've gotten better at every turn, and so why wouldn't I get better?" Cormier asked. "So they're giving me a shot."

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Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Cormier
Saturday, 19 May 2012
HP Pavilion
San Jose, California, United States
10:00 PM ET
U.S. Broadcast: Main card: Showtime, Undercard: Sho Extreme

Main Card
Josh Barnett   vs.   Daniel Cormier
Gilbert Melendez   vs.   Josh Thomson
Nah-shon Burrell   vs.   Chris Spang
Rafael Cavalcante   vs.   Mike Kyle
Virgil Zwicker   vs.   Guto Inocente  

Prelim Card
Quinn Mulhern   vs.   Yuri Villefort
Gian Villante   vs.   Derrick Mehman
Bobby Green   vs.   James Terry
Gesias Cavalcante   vs.   Isaac Vallie-Flagg

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Dong Johnson site profile image  

5/20/12 1:53 AM by Dong Johnson

 Roid abuse catching up with him imo

Manny Yarbrough GOAT site profile image  

5/20/12 1:49 AM by Manny Yarbrough GOAT

too bad for "Empire", because he did!now all I need is JDS to win.

GriffinQ site profile image  

5/20/12 1:45 AM by GriffinQ

Good thing you didnt take the bet......

Manny Yarbrough GOAT site profile image  

5/19/12 8:23 PM by Manny Yarbrough GOAT

already SN bet someone , plus laid some money on THE BLACK TEDDY as well......

Vancouver BJJ site profile image  

5/19/12 8:21 PM by Vancouver BJJ

I wouldn't say effortlessly. He busted his hand bad and it put him out for 8 months. If Bigfoot survived he could have won the second and third rounds based off the fact of cormier's hand being completely fucked. If he breaks it again he's fucked.

Ocean6 site profile image  

5/19/12 9:52 AM by Ocean6

Yeah! Bigfoot has the bigg... I mean Best chin in the fight game!

GriffinQ site profile image  

5/19/12 3:07 AM by GriffinQ

I'll take the bet if you're down to do it with a mudnamer...I'm not renewing my blue anytime soon -__-

DoomFarmer site profile image  

5/19/12 2:29 AM by DoomFarmer

He looked very technical against Monson.

Glovegate site profile image  

5/19/12 2:07 AM by Glovegate

I didn't think he looked amazingly technical. That's all.Now go back to being owned by multiple people in Fedor threads, you noob retard.

Auzzie site profile image  

5/19/12 1:57 AM by Auzzie

LOL at "hate to say this"So the guy that effortlessly KOed Bigfoot is overrated?