Barnett: I destroy, not audition for s---

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The heavyweight division is historically the most prominent in fighting. Josh Barnett wrestles professionally, is a huge metal fan, acts part-time, races cars, and may be the best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world.

But only the cool fans know it.

"I'm the one that all the hipsters love," he told "I'm like, 'Have you ever heard of Josh Barnett? Of course you haven't. You're not cool enough.'"

"I think what's difficult is my appeal is not solely in MMA. I'm sort of split amongst a lot of different genres, if you want to call it that. I'd say overall, I've got a lot stronger presence than a lot of MMA fighters.

"I walk into ... all these different places that not only do people know my name, but I'm friends with a lot of major players and movers and shakers. I've never been one to put myself into one area, anyway."

The hardcore fan base hopes that winning the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix will serve as an audition for the UFC, and that Barnett will once more fight the biggest names in the sport, maybe even recieve an immediate shot at the title (after a final promised post GP match in Strikeforce).

Barnett has another take.

"I don't audition for s---," Barnett said. "I go out there, I destroy, and I raise the ground. I don't need to go out there and show anybody anything."

"I think it will all work itself out.  don't worry about it. I know things are going to go good for me."

"They've got the proof if they need it; they can just tune in and watch it themselves. I do this for myself. I don't do it for anyone."

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MagSlim site profile image  

5/18/12 3:45 PM by MagSlim

He posts here occasionally to hype his own fights, it's not like he's a regular contributor, so I'm going to guess he isn't going to read my snark.And besides, I wouldn't have any problem telling him if he were standing right beside me. I'd probably go further and say that all the 'destroy' and 'warmaster' shtick is a little silly. All the opponents he 'destroyed' were actually still there afterward, and I'm pretty sure he's never been in an actual war or 'razed' anything unless he did some demolition work at some point. Again, understanding the meaning of words is fundamental.He's a great fighter but all the heavy-metal-death-and-destruction stuff is cheesy imo. Thanks for calling me a pussy though, it made me chuckle. Have a good weekend.

Haulport site profile image  

5/18/12 1:36 PM by Haulport

I hope Lorenzo cuts Josh and Alistair so those 2 and Fedor can all fight each other!!!!

catgobling site profile image  

5/18/12 1:32 PM by catgobling

josh posts here so you just told him, but youre so much of a pussy you think "someone" should tell him.

UGCTT_chuckles1 site profile image  

5/18/12 12:31 PM by UGCTT_chuckles1


ReturnofJaco site profile image  

5/18/12 12:23 PM by ReturnofJaco

I'm the moron. Sorry about that. Changed.

Salokcin69 site profile image  

5/18/12 12:23 PM by Salokcin69


Ocean6 site profile image  

5/18/12 12:09 PM by Ocean6

I thought it was a new term for knockin' fools down and out!'Cause when you are going down, the ground raises at you!

MagSlim site profile image  

5/18/12 11:48 AM by MagSlim

This!It's not just the moran transcriber for MMA Junkie though, someone needs to tell Josh that you can raze something to the ground but you can't actually raze the ground itself, unless you're, like, using a tiller I suppose.I love it when people use words when they don't have a good understanding of what they mean.

AlphaGaia site profile image  

5/18/12 11:12 AM by AlphaGaia

I'm a big Barnett fan. Strike Force needs him badly IMO. I nope his pissing hot is in the past cause he is a great fighter.

newjack900 site profile image  

5/18/12 11:06 AM by newjack900

I think everybody would know who he was if he didn't piss hot a couple of times. Barnett is another great fighter from Strikeforce w/ red flags, much like Nick Diaz & Overeem. There was a reason the UFC was hesitant to add these guys to the roster before they bought out Strikeforce. I love what both Barnett & Cormier add the the HW division. Barnett's skill set is very unique and would bring a ton of problems to most HW's. Hopefully he can stay healthy and out of trouble w/ commissions.