NSAC votes to grant Chael Sonnen a TUE for UFC 148

by Karim Zidan | source: theflyingkneemma.com

Chael Sonnen's positive test after UFC 117 (a T/E ratio of 16.9 to 1) has been the most famous case of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) misconduct in the UFC to date.

On May 21st, 2012, the Nevada State Athletic Commission set up a hearing on a wide range of issues. 27th on the agenda, was Chael Sonnen's hearing to apply for a Theraputic Use Exemption (TUE) for TRT. The exemption is a crucial part of Sonnen’s license application for UFC 148 in Las Vegas.

After a lengthy discussion on TUE policies in Nevada, the commission called upon Sonnen and began the hearing. Chael was asked to explain his failure to record his TRT use prior to UFC 117. Using a plausible deniability excuse, Sonnen explained that his old manager was responsible for handling his paperwork and that he was unaware of his mistakes.

After a short deliberation, a quick motion led to a unanimous vote in favour of offering Chael Sonnen TUE for Testosterone Replacement Therapy for his upcoming bout against Anderson Silva at UFC 148. The license comes with the conditions that Sonnen undergoes several pre/post fight blood tests as well as present his Illinois and Texas exemption papers from 2010.

Sonnen was also offered an “advisory capacity” position to work alongside Director Keith Kizer to improve TRT policies in Nevada.

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UFC 148 takes place July 7th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Clarence Parents site profile image  

5/22/12 11:27 AM by Clarence Parents

Lol, throwing the Scumbag Steve hat on Kiser was a nice touch.

zedlepln site profile image  

5/22/12 11:22 AM by zedlepln

You don't have to be an "old guy" to have low T.

Trust site profile image  

5/22/12 11:01 AM by Trust

This whole thing baffles me.   Why do fighters need TRT?  That's for old men, not athletes in their prime.   How can they possibly consider marijuana to be a PED (if they actually are)?  Being illegal at the Federal level is one thing, but MJ is LEGAL in NV by ballot measure in 2000, and since the NSAC is a state-level agency, it seems contradictory to have MJ legal in the state and yet they are punishing a fighter for using it. 

MainelyBJJ site profile image  

5/22/12 7:14 AM by MainelyBJJ

Cant wait for Sonnen to beat that Brazilian ass!!New champ baby........NEW CHAMP!!

swany site profile image  

5/22/12 4:35 AM by swany

This guy is gonna be irrelevant and might as well retire after he is left unconscious by Anderson in the first

PTM2020 site profile image  

5/22/12 1:38 AM by PTM2020

 God Bless America. It'll be 10x more satisfying now when Anderson smashes his ass, despite the blatant pathetic cheating and collusion.

1911Bob site profile image  

5/22/12 1:33 AM by 1911Bob

If what you say is true then his tests are scheduled and not random. Yessss can't wait til he smashes Anderson again.

Unwariestpickle site profile image  

5/21/12 9:47 PM by Unwariestpickle

Commission on Sonnen: Yes you can use testosteroneCommission on Diaz: Fuck you. We're taking 30% of your purse, bonus, and you can't fight for 12 months. That'll teach you to smoke pot 8 days before the fight.What the fuck is wrong with these people?

johnvanos site profile image  

5/21/12 7:26 PM by johnvanos

Expect to see the same Fael as in the Bisping fight,because he can't juice for 7 days prior to the fight.Fael the last great trailer trash hope.