Velasquez: I'm winning this fight

by Scott Wilson | source:

One advantage Velasquez feels he has heading into his fight with Silva is the fact that one of his training partners already squared off with Bigfoot. Daniel Cormier, who this past Saturday night won the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament championship, beat Silva in the semifinals of the same tourney. Velasquez and Cormier train at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose.

"I've been watching what happened between (Silva) and Daniel Cormier," Velasquez said. "I train with Daniel a lot. I have to try to be quicker than him. I think that fighting style with him will do well. I have to be good on the ground with my wrestling and jiu-jitsu. I think I can beat him with that, too. I think (whether we fight) on our feet or on the ground, I'm winning this fight."

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Recent Comments »

Masturbasian site profile image  

5/23/12 3:17 AM by Masturbasian

Lesnar is the best in the world outside of the people that can beat him.FACT: if lesnar did not lose he would of won those fights.

SinCityHustler site profile image  

5/23/12 12:51 AM by SinCityHustler

 Mexicans are well aware of that.  They are helpless to do anything about it.  It is just hopeless.   The Brown Pride isn't necessarily a pride in the country rather in its people and the struggle.  Felling your country and making a life in one where you donm't speak the language and are hated on by many takes a great deal of resiloiancy and an accomplishemnt to be very proud of.    Cain is far too technical and physically superior to Big Foot.  This will be a show case fight for the young Mexican fighter.  

Manny Yarbrough GOAT site profile image  

5/22/12 11:12 PM by Manny Yarbrough GOAT

Lesnar is the best HW in the world outside of turtling up.

BonquishaBLOOD site profile image  

5/22/12 11:03 PM by BonquishaBLOOD

Lol ya and lesnar beats overeem

circa305 site profile image  

5/22/12 10:58 PM by circa305

Cain is no Cormier but I agree he wins this fight.

Blazing Knees site profile image  

5/22/12 10:53 PM by Blazing Knees

 Cain gon get crushed, He's too small and his chin is too soft

imontoya site profile image  

5/22/12 10:52 PM by imontoya

No but seriously, what part of 'anything can happen at that level' your brain isnt able to process? If your only line can be ' you are a fucking retard' then can you just stop breathing and spare us some oxigen, are you a school dropout or something like that? Gosh I dont even know why Im wasting my very important responding to someone like you, go back to your playstation now I have to take a shower and fuck my gf

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

5/22/12 10:48 PM by Nexuscrawlers

I'm a huge JDS fan and i hope Cain gets the next shot after mir (assuming Overeem or cormier isn't an option) just because I know JDS would just win again. Maybe not as quick, but still ko or tko within 2 rounds.Cain is still very legit and his only loss is to the champ. Hw is still pretty shallow, I wouldn't be surprised or upset if Cain got the next shot.

Manny Yarbrough GOAT site profile image  

5/22/12 10:44 PM by Manny Yarbrough GOAT

That "good punch" is a result of JDS' skills, saying Cain is the best HW outside of a good punch is fucking moronic and completely takes away from what JDS has done and doesn't show him much respect, might as well say that punch was lucky.