Fight Church: Can you love your neighbor and knee him in the face?

by Whitney Matheson | source:

"Can you love your neighbor as yourself and at the same time knee him in the face as hard as you can?"

That's a direct quote from Paul Burress, a pastor in Rochester, N.Y., who believes mixed martial arts can help bring people together. He and fellow fighters are profiled in Fight Church, a doc from Oscar-winning director Paul Junge, and Bryan Storkel.

Storkel has started a Kickstarter campaign to finish the film; he has raised $10,000 of his $30,000 goal and is offering incentives like DVDs and a credit in the movie to supporters.

Says one fighter: "As I progress in my Christian life, I start to see a conflict. Is this having a positive impact on my Christianity?"

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Cyril Jeff site profile image  

5/23/12 10:39 AM by Cyril Jeff

  sure, why not? I'm sure Christians play football with each other, seems there is far more long term damage clashing heads repeatedly, but I guess football is not really taboo, anymore at least...

Chris Power site profile image  

5/23/12 10:32 AM by Chris Power

 Sports have always attracted a strong religious contingent, doesn't surprise me that combat sports are the same. It's not like these guys spend their days reading about philosophy and studying theology - they're pro athletes, if they were raised Christian, Muslim, Catholic whatever, they're likely to continue that way from start to finish in their lives (again, just like most people) given that they aren't really searching for something different, generally speaking anyways.

SoccerkickrevivaL site profile image  

5/23/12 10:28 AM by SoccerkickrevivaL


Freakin 10er site profile image  

5/23/12 7:08 AM by Freakin 10er

Interesting idea but I really think they could have articulated their ideas better. Harping on the violence isn't good for either the sport or church. Oh and I can't wait for the internet atheists to flame this thread into oblivion

outtap site profile image  

5/22/12 5:38 PM by outtap

Religion trying to ruin another aspect of society.No thanks.

UGCTT_Blake site profile image  

5/22/12 5:23 PM by UGCTT_Blake

I guess it's easier to get people to believe in zombies, talking snakes and magic bushes after a few shots to the head.

AssAssassin site profile image  

5/22/12 5:19 PM by AssAssassin

God will protect that man's testicles during a sports competition, but if you are born in Africa into extreme poverty and famine, you are just supposed to believe God plan is for you to starve and die. As it is apparently his plan for the 1,000 or so children under the age of 5 that die EVERY HOUR.The narcissism of all of this is disgusting to me. To claim God cares about your silly fights, or you balls, but not other people is narcissism to the extreme.

superCalo site profile image  

5/22/12 5:00 PM by superCalo

unfortunatly they are bringing down both institutionsinstead of trying to show mMa as a sport, they show it as a violence, thus detracting from potential church going fans, to mMa fans they view the church as being a joke.Disappointing on both levels.

joe_mama site profile image  

5/22/12 4:55 PM by joe_mama

Can't you see that you're not making church better, you're just making MMA worse?

Media Monster site profile image  

5/22/12 4:01 PM by Media Monster

I'm not sure these particular Christians are helping the NY/MMA cause.