BJ Penn: Edgar shouldn't have an immediate rematch

source: mma-uncensored-live

Former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight champion BJ Penn appeared Thursday night on Spike TV's "MMA Uncensored Live" for a wide ranging interview. Among the topics covered was whether Frankie Edgar, who gave BJ an immediate rematch after defeating him, deserves a rematch against current Lightweight champion Benson Henderson, who in turn has defeated Edgar.

"Honestly, I don't think he should have. He could make the case for it. He gave me a rematch. He had to give Gray the rematch, because they had a draw. I'd like to see Benson Henderson fight Nate Diaz. Fight someone else."

"I got the rematch, some people say it was a close fight or not. Frankie's fight, I guess you could have made a case that he did well with Benson. But to me, I look at fights, I don't know who took the guy down more. I don't look at stuff like that. Who woke up in the morning and who was in more pain? I think Frankie Edgar was hurt the next morning. Benson told me he had his 'stunner shades' on. I think he probably got hurt more."

Penn went to discuss a potential return to the Octagon.

"You know, I'm starting to warm up to the idea. I get this question asked a lot. I'm starting to warm up to the idea, but I'm not in a rush to jump into a eight, 12 week camp, at the moment. Besides that, I'm just hanging out, training and taking it easy. I go in the gym. I do some jiu-jitsu. I do some different stuff. I stay away from getting punched in the head, a little bit."

In closing on the subject of his return, Penn declined to name a fighter he would like to face, citing the volatility in the division and his concern that a fighter might lose and then advocate for a fight. Penn even declined to name the division he might return to, if indeed he returns, saying both Lightweight and Welterweight offer unique difficulties - big and strong and slow vs. weaker but wiry and  fast.

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Moke site profile image  

5/25/12 6:36 PM by Moke

"First of all, these are questions that are tough to answer because I don't wanna take anything away from Frankie Edgar. He's a champion. He's a great champion. But, you know, it's tough. I ask myself all the time, 'What was up with that fight, B.J.?' Talking to Mike (Straka), he said, 'I didn't know if you were gonna kill him or if you were gonna get killed.' Just talking about it, I remember walking into the fight and walking out, and I remember one of the fans yelling, 'GSP kicked your ass!' I remember thinking, 'I should kick his ass right now!' With all that said, I know I wasn't focused."

jjj2121 site profile image  

5/25/12 5:23 PM by jjj2121

 I don't think it's deliberate, I just think they're really fucking lazy and are content to draw pageviews with sensational headlines and quotes, and frankly don't give a shit whether they are true or not. Kirik asked me to give some examples when I said the UG News was horrendous and misleading, frankly I found it insulting to my intelligence.  This is one example of many where they don't just slightly misquote somebody, they completely frame their words to make it appear they said the complete opposite of what they were trying to convey.  BJ explicitly stated he was "warming up to the idea" of staying retired, not warming up to the idea of a comeback.   To be fair: This question and quote was fucked up all over the internet (because MMA Journalism blows) to the point where I had to check my DVR (BJ is one of my favorites so I wasn't going to miss this episode) to make sure the mistake wasn't on my end, the question from Craig Carton was "ARE YOU RETIRED AND DONE FIGHTING?" to which BJ gives his quote about warming up to the idea.  Tons of bloggers then went apeshit online saying his quote was warming up to the idea of returning, which was absolutely not what he said. 

Balance site profile image  

5/25/12 2:47 PM by Balance

This is it. Dana's opinion overrides anyone else's. I thought it was a close fight and I think Edgar's a huge stud, but I'd rather him fight some other people and work his way back into contention. There are so many exciting fighters at 155, and I'd like to see them get title shots.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

5/25/12 2:47 PM by chaplinshouse

"I'm starting to warm up to the idea, but I'm not in a rush to jump into a eight, 12 week camp, at the moment." Man that dude is lazy, but I understand.  He was born into money, he lives in Hawaii.  He's set for life.  He's proven a lot already and he knows he can't return to the top.  Hopefully he'll do it to rep Hawaii.  Those guys need stars.  They pride themselves on being a warrior culture but their fighters are pretty bad for some reason.  Take away BJ and they have nothing really worthy to get behind.  Dana should take the UFC to Hawaii, BJ headlining vs someone he can destroy (like another Hawaiian lol)

smac 2.0 site profile image  

5/25/12 2:02 PM by smac 2.0

wtf are you talking about? lots of people think Frankie won, including the most important opinion - Dana White.

Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

5/25/12 1:52 PM by Malvert the Janitor

Why do they do deliberate shit like that?

Glovegate site profile image  

5/25/12 12:34 PM by Glovegate

Chris, stop stealing threads.

Whambo site profile image  

5/25/12 11:45 AM by Whambo

BJ has a point, I hear Frankie had to get carted out to the hospital after his first fight with BJ... oh wait.

Sal Penis site profile image  

5/25/12 11:40 AM by Sal Penis

The way Edgar fights for points and dancing around and shit is why his fights are close decisions.Hopefully after Bendo beats him up again, he will be gone.