Ronda & Mayhem sittin' in a Tweet


Jason "Mayhem" Miller and "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey have never met formally, but the pair have enganged in enough good natured banter on Twitter that if they haven't, they should.

Jason Mayhem Miller ‏@mayhemmiller
Last night I had a dream I slept with Rhonda Rousey, and now my elbow is dislocated.

Jason Mayhem Miller ‏@mayhemmiller
it was totally worth it

Ronda Rousey ‏@RondaRousey
that wasn't a dream, i just put you to sleep first =P

Jason Mayhem Miller ‏@mayhemmiller
don't fricken tease me with that @RondaRousey! If we were about to hump I would've hit pads and grappled for 10 minutes so I dont gas out.

I become unreasonably angry whenever anyone references 'Romeo & Juliet' as if it was some wonderful love...

Jason Mayhem Miller ‏@mayhemmiller
 it's because you never loved a chick so bad that you self-mutilated.

Jason Mayhem Miller ‏@mayhemmiller
I hope the French are right, and no matter how horrible the pain before, the moment of death feels like orgasm.

Ronda Rousey ‏@RondaRousey
Look what I found while #twathing : middleeasy

what is #twathing ?

Ronda Rousey ‏@RondaRousey
tweeting while bathing

Jason Mayhem Miller ‏@mayhemmiller
cool.I am currently #twacking”

Ronda Rousey ‏@RondaRousey
lol does that mean what I think it means? Or do u just put my mind in the gutter?

Jason Mayhem Miller ‏@mayhemmiller
come on girl, your mind is already in the gutter, I just roll it over and have my way with it.

Ronda Rousey ‏@RondaRousey
lmao damn! We haven't even formally met yet and you already know me way too well mr miller....

Jason Mayhem Miller ‏@mayhemmiller
I heard yo mama was an arm snapper too. Awesome.

Ronda Rousey ‏@RondaRousey
she just wasnt on tv, this is her right after she won the 1984 world championships in Vienna, Austria

Jason Mayhem Miller ‏@mayhemmiller
@RondaRousey @thecodymckenzie "NEED MIDGETS"I am in need of midgets to punch, in preparation for UFC fight. $$$ payment on top of my fridge

Ronda Rousey ‏@RondaRousey
@mayhemmiller @thecodymckenzie LMAO that's pretty brilliant actually thank you we'll probably use it ;)

Chris ‏@Caboose613
@RondaRousey @mayhemmiller you 2 should formerly meet on the @joerogan podcast! you both are overdue for an appearance! :)

Ronda Rousey ‏@RondaRousey
@Caboose613 @mayhemmiller @joerogan that's a cool idea actually - make it happen joe!

Read entire Twitter... (Ronda Rousey)
Read entire Twitter... (Jason Mayhem)

Should they ever come to, ummm, pass, it is not immediately apparent what Brangelina name the pair could assume?
Mayda = Aunt from Long Island
Mildy = There are cleaners for that
Ronson = Frozen food brand
Rouson = Brazilian BJJ expert

Only time will tell, maybe with an assist from Joe Hogan :-)

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CindyO site profile image  

5/26/12 1:19 PM by CindyO

 VTFU! Cindy

bearockbrobama site profile image  

5/26/12 10:45 AM by bearockbrobama

Rousey needs to stop giving me a boner.

leifdawg site profile image  

5/26/12 10:05 AM by leifdawg

Well in case I ever need to know, now I do; Mayhem is in fact circumcised. *beep*

Lahzerous site profile image  

5/26/12 2:41 AM by Lahzerous

I can respect that.  

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

5/26/12 2:23 AM by Reed Rothchild

Mayhem would have been tapping dat ass... While Tickle was searching for the Trail mix

32Hunter site profile image  

5/26/12 1:55 AM by 32Hunter

 he's still trying to make that Diaz fight happen eh?

MattyECB site profile image  

5/26/12 1:46 AM by MattyECB

I Don't get why somoene would shit on the fun, by bringing up their technical aspects and a grudge match, since this threads already winrar. But umm, ya, if we're talking about a real match up. Mayhem would get stomped.I really don't wanna watch that fight anymore. I was clamoring for it cus I thought Mayhem could pull it off, but I like Mayhem too much to see him fight Diaz now. It'd be a rough assed fight imo

Kirik site profile image  

5/25/12 7:06 PM by Kirik

I am not a real smart guy. Only a third or so of what I think is right is actually right. That is why I always work with partners. In the case of the UG, a huge percent of the improvements over the past 14 years have been from member complaints. So like any other guy that likes to fight, when someone complains, but instinct is to discuss their mother; but that instinct is not useful. I like and appreciate the feedback, and sometimes argue back, and sometimes ask more questions, but overall, I don't want members of the site to shut up about they don't like. To the contrary, I appreciate and value it.  

UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay site profile image  

5/25/12 7:02 PM by UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay

Interesting to see that Mayhem hasn't posted on this thread... site profile image  

5/25/12 6:57 PM by

The title made me chuckle.