Bigfoot's really, really big hand

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You know what they say about a guy with big hands right!?

He wears big gloves ;-)

Saturday night Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva fights former heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez at UFC. At the open workout for same a fan asked to take a cellphone image of their hands palm to palm.

Stefan Stuve and Jon Jones have the biggest reach in the sport, but no one has mitts like Bigfoot:

The image inspired a UGer to related a story about training with the possessor of those hands.

From: TheClips
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I once had the opportunity to train at ATT right around the time of UFC 100. It was a pro practice and everyone was sparring/rolling with MMA gloves, working more technique than all out power and domination.

So after a round was over, everyone got their drinks and shit and started pairing up again. I sat on the sidelines like a wide-eyed child, not knowing who to ask to be my partner, given that I was a nobody in a gym full of killers.

As the ranks started thinning and the floor started filling up with pairs of fighters, I look across the room. I see him. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva looking as Sasquatch as ever, looking around in the same fashion as I.

In an instant, we became as two middle schoolers at a dance, our eyes meeting across the room and realizing that it was us to be paired up together--me, the underdeveloped, prepubescent boy, and him, the much-too-tall for me and physically-imposing female of sorts.........although, as time would tell, it was I who was to be made the bitch of in this particular situation...

In retrospect, he was as gentle as he could have been with a man literally half his size and strength. He let me work my half guard from the bottom, trying with all my might to do SOMETHING aside from laying there....

In a flash of action, whether it was just a natural reaction, an act of impatience, or an action of tutelage that was meant to remind me of the dangers that fists pose in MMA and not in grappling, he took his balled up right hand and gently struck me in the forehead.

It was what I would describe as a Kodiak bear perhaps swatting a fly out of the way as he feasted upon a freshly-slain trout....but it rocked my world.

His fist nearly covered the entirety of my face, and my field of vision at once shifted a good foot or two from what I'd been looking at before. In survival instinct, I gave up my underhook that I'd worked so hard to obtain and instead clung with all my might to his mighty limbs.

He never hit me again that round, but it was then that I knew that this man, given the right situation, possessed the physical size and strength to do great things.

It was a few years later that one of my heroes, Fedor Emelianenko, got to experience full speed what I had experienced at a snail's pace, which still fucked me up plenty.

I'm not saying anything one way or the other on what I think will happen on Saturday (ok, I think Cain will win), but one thing is for sure. With paws like that, Antonio Silva is capable of doing very real and scary damage!

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TheClips site profile image  

5/27/12 4:32 AM by TheClips

^I LOVE ALL OF YOU!(Sorry for e-yelling) :D

SKARHEAD site profile image  

5/26/12 9:37 AM by SKARHEAD

I met Bigfoot once...I thought it was all cool until I shook his hand. What he handed me was NOT a human hand. It actually made me uncomfortable-lol

morse site profile image  

5/26/12 9:37 AM by morse

Awesome post. Voted up  

morse site profile image  

5/26/12 9:29 AM by morse

LOL :)  

Kirik site profile image  

5/26/12 9:29 AM by Kirik

 That my friend earned you a one year blue name with my huge thanks.

UGCTT_Shope site profile image  

5/26/12 9:10 AM by UGCTT_Shope

He probably owns the galaxy note ;)

inf0 site profile image  

5/26/12 8:07 AM by inf0

The tumor on his pituatary made it excete the motherload of HgH... the hands/skull/jaw.. very similar to what Tito almost ended up with.

Ceelo site profile image  

5/26/12 8:03 AM by Ceelo

 Does he have some gigantism or something because he's only 6'3 but looks to have hands of a fucking 8footer...

SOO72 site profile image  

5/25/12 11:31 PM by SOO72

He will probably weigh between 280-290 at fight time.

notsometourist site profile image  

5/25/12 10:17 PM by notsometourist

Oh and for him to weigh 260+, his bones must be huge.