'Mayhem' Miller clears air on backstage incident at UFC 146

by Dave Doyle | source: mmafighting.com

For his part, "Mayhem" said there was no incident backstage after the bout. Rather, Miller said that as he was making his way to the Octagon for the fight, he was interrupted by the UFC's backstage director, Burt Watson. Miller claims Watson got on his case for the gas mask Miller was wearing underneath a paper bag-mask he had over his head.

"It was my mask," Miller said. "Burt suddenly started yelling about my mask. I had a gas mask for the troops underneath my paper bag, and Burt started telling me right as I'm walking out for the fight. I'm trying to get focused instead of arguing about a paper bag. Maybe it was my fault for, I don't know, I thought we had an understanding once I start walking out to the cage that now I'm working, but obviously we're not on a playing field of mutual respect.

"I wish I would have heard about it before so it would be easier to deal with. But here I am walking to the cage, and suddenly I started getting yelled at. I'm like ‘what, I'm trying to focus here.' Things don't always go the way you want. That's life and you have to deal with it."

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Recent Comments »

Big Pun site profile image  

5/29/12 12:12 PM by Big Pun

Even more, Mayhem even would have had previous UFC entrances to back up his cause. It's not like Zuffa hasn't been involved with their own ridiculous entrances. Anyone remember Elvis vs. Tito? All this could have been avoided with a win imo. I think Dana was going to cut Miller if he lost regardless of the backstage incident. That was just the icing on the cake. Really disappointed at all the finger pointing and blame game

Big Pun site profile image  

5/29/12 12:07 PM by Big Pun

So he was aware they did not wnt him to wear the gasmask and he tried to cover it up with a bag and wear it anyhow. The worst part is the whole "I didn't know till fight time" garbage. He just decided to wear a bag and try to hide the gasmask for no reason right? What a load of rubbish. He could at least be honest and admit he was aware they had issues with the mask and wore it anyway. He's a grown man making childish excuses. I was a Mayhem fan before all of this. If he had just come out and said he wanted to wear the mask and not tried to blame the backstage guy, I'd still support Mayhem's side. But he's out finger pointing and making exciuses when he clearly knew there was an issue because he went out of his way to try and hide the mask long enough to make his intro. Why not just man up and admit he knew they had problems with him wearing the mask but he wanted to make his intro his own.

Hel13torm site profile image  

5/29/12 11:30 AM by Hel13torm

the gas mask wasn't the issue, the paper bag over it was

AlphaGaia site profile image  

5/29/12 11:21 AM by AlphaGaia

So a gas mask is not ok but a goofy samurai suit and sword are ok?

Griffdog site profile image  

5/29/12 11:19 AM by Griffdog

Agree.Bring back the awesome Pride entrances.Sudo, Miller and Sak had some epic entrances.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRjCfdJbb6ghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2slGovquRkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKefXZ7AKQM

91W209 site profile image  

5/29/12 10:28 AM by 91W209

Barely. Dolloway stalled the majority of the fight and Miller couldn't do a damn thing.

djones site profile image  

5/29/12 10:25 AM by djones

Wow. Mayhem gets beat and it's Burts fault now?

NKcell site profile image  

5/29/12 10:19 AM by NKcell

Why all the mayhem hate?Dude is just a wild type of guy, not a douchebag. He's kinda flashy, but that's cool he prob picked that shit up in Japan. Personally its refreshing, UFC is very cookie cutter now days.As far as his skills? Hey the sun sets on everybody he was good, he just lost a step happens to everybody, big deal.

HULKSMASH site profile image  

5/29/12 9:00 AM by HULKSMASH

Burt's mad cool... Fuck Mayhem

fightharder site profile image  

5/29/12 8:56 AM by fightharder

\Second that....Anyways Dana is not down with '''crazy shit'' but it is almost guarantied that he would not make to much of a fuzz about it if the fighter in question wins fights. Miller needed to redeem himself for the rather horrendous performance against Bisping (who is at least a legit top ten fighter). He answers his detractors by even a worse performance against a dude who is not,arguably,not even top 15.I like Miller and can look past the sloppy striking. But the gassing out every single time is just atrocious. He trains with Munoz for gods sake.What the hell does he do between the time that his training stops and the time he has to walk into the cage.