Wand 'pissed off' at 'scared' or 'amateurish' Belfort

source: tatame.com

After Vitor Belfort dropped out of next month's long, long, long awaited rematch with Wanderlei Silva, the Axe Murderer took to Twitter, expressed pointed dissapointment. Translation by Tatame.

“(Fighting me) with one hand (laughs)? We are professionals. It’s a great irresponsibility not to be careful on training, a great disrespect towards the fans. I’m really sad. I’m ready to knock you out, you have nowhere to run. This fight is happening. I guess you got scared of me. Nobody trains so hard that breaks his hand. We use the best equipments, gloves, bandages."

“If you were scared, you shouldn’t have accepted it. If you really got it broken, it’s amateurism and if you didn’t, you’re scared. In both scenarios, it was irresponsible of you towards the fans. Pardon the word, but I’m pissed with your amateurism. A main event on the biggest event of the world and the guy shows up like that."

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Without addressing Wanderlei by name, Belfort responds.

“The emotional imbalance of some reveals their fears. I than your support big time and also my sponsors. Believing in yourself is not being arrogant. I’m still confident and I respect my opponent, which now is my injury."

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Addressing Wanderlei by name, Vitor Belfort's wife, Joana Prado, responded as well, making pointed reference to Belfort beating Wand in 44 seconds (in 1998) and Wand losing to Chris Leben in 27 seconds in mid 2011.

The only thing Wanderlei can do is talk too much, he chickened out several times on fighting Vitor. And now he comes to mention that my husband is ducking? Wand's next opponent, at UFC147 will beat Vitor Belfort's record of 40 or Chris Leben's 20 seconds hahahaha.

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studiocamp site profile image  

5/30/12 8:09 AM by studiocamp

LOL, Vitor should put his wife in check. I know Wanderlei won't say anything, but Vitor's wife is fair game for opening her mouth. BTW, LOL@ even bringing up Vitor's HW tourney win considering the guy he beat to win it looks like most of the members of the UG. And, don't forget how Ferrozzo got in the finals, he beat the Fedor of the time in Jim Mullen. Vitor has 2 notable wins his entire career, Wanderlei and Rich. I honestly have never understood his hype. He showed hand speed early on in his career, what else has he show besides being a head case?

fightharder site profile image  

5/30/12 7:43 AM by fightharder

If the hands broken its broken. It is unfortunate but you can hardly call Belfort an amateur for breaking his hand.Now i am not the biggest Belfort fan but i really do not understand all the animosity he seems to arouse with the other Brazilian fighters. I mean their supposedly all down with each-other but nobody is really down with Belfort.Is it jealousy or is it actually based on something. I hear about the loyalty thing but shouldn't there be something more.Anyways it sucks for Wandie that Belfort pulled out of the fight but his reaction is a little idiosyncratic to say the least.

Kerouac site profile image  

5/30/12 7:37 AM by Kerouac

He didn't pull out of his fights against Randy, Overeem, A.Silva,W. Silva, Herring, Liddell, Sakuraba...Name a couple of people that were better or " scarier " than those named above that he avoided.

fiercedragon site profile image  

5/30/12 5:19 AM by fiercedragon

Yeah, herring, tank, overeem and silva are cup cakes...

Roy Batty site profile image  

5/29/12 11:12 PM by Roy Batty

Vitor's only holding up so well because he didn't fight guys like Hunt, Crocop, and Rampage.

Dogmeat 1 site profile image  

5/29/12 10:34 PM by Dogmeat 1

Vitor does have a long history of pulling out of big fights for suspect reasons. Despite his talent he doesn't seem to handle pressure well and his best performances tend to come when there isn't a lot of hype behind him. Although at his peak I think Vanderlia was the better fighter , at this point in their respective careers Vitor is holding up much better and I would have picked him to win the rematch. Despite this I would not be surprised at all to find out that the hype and expectations in Brazil got to him and that he is playing up an injury to make it sound more severe than it really is. His hand picture does seem to point towards it being legitimate but then again I've had hand injuries that looked similar but didn't actually involve any breaks and only kept me out of training for a week or so.

PJ Benn Fan site profile image  

5/29/12 8:31 PM by PJ Benn Fan

As previously stated, Wand is my favorite fighter ever but Vitor can land 5 punches before Wand will be able to counter.

Dollawaysdoodoobutter site profile image  

5/29/12 8:30 PM by Dollawaysdoodoobutter

Hi Jason! You little badass you!  

Jason Reinhardt site profile image  

5/29/12 8:28 PM by Jason Reinhardt

did you guys not watch the cung lee fight and see what Wand did to him? Wand has some (if not) the heaviest hands in the business.

r_o_y site profile image  

5/29/12 6:46 PM by r_o_y

does wand realize that even his most hardcore fans were begging for this fight not to happen?