Eddie Bravo debuts Combat Jiu-Jitsu

by James Emerson | source: bjpenn.com

Eddie Bravo, the most innovative man in BJJ, talked with  BJPenn.com about his latest concept - combat jiu-jitsu (CJJ), which is a grappling contest that allows ground striking.

James Emerson: How did you get started with Combat Jiu-Jistu?

Eddie Bravo: You know, it was just an idea, I just thought that theres so many good Jiu Jitsu guys out there, so many that won’t do MMA because they don’t want to learn kickboxing. So we never really get to see what their Jiu-Jitsu looks like when there are punches. A lot of great Jiu Jitsu players don’t need to learn kickboxing… they don’t need to do MMA. (With CJJ) you don’t have to learn kick boxing, Just punching on the ground, no elbows.

If you look at it from the MMA world, looking down, it looks like real tame MMA, but if you look at it from the Jiu Jitsu world it looks like extreme grappling. Could you imagine watching Abi Dubai and dudes are punching the ground? How cool would that be?

JE: The rules are said to be similar to those from the ADCC, what are the differences in the rules?

EB: Well, it is considered an amateur sport so really on the ground once one person hits the ground you can start punching. So a guy could be on his back with his legs up and if the other guy is standing that guy can throw a superman punch because his opponent is down. As long as one dude is on the ground you can start punching. Standing it is just wrestling, but it’s amateur MMA rules on the ground so there are no elbows on the ground. Just punches to the head.

And there are no heel hooks, because they don’t allow heel hooks in amateur mma. I really really pushed for it man I really wanted heel hooks bad. But you know, I really wanted one-ten-minute round but all they would give me is three-three minute rounds. It is not exactly what I would have wanted it but we just wanted to get CJJ accepted and rolling then go back and tweak it some… We didn’t get a lot of s--- we wanted and again, no heelhooks or toe holds…thats not what I want, I want all of that s---… but at least you can punch!

I think that this sport would be perfect for these jiu jitsu match masters that don’t want to learn any striking... This would be like the ultimate form of grappling you know what I mean? The ultimate form… or the weakest form of MMA (laughes). You can look at it either way.

It is also great for people preparing for MMA because grappling in Combat Jiu Jitsu will prepare you for a MMA career way better than like a regular grappling tournament, that’s scientific…..that’s for sure.

I think there was a big hole between grappling and MMA -that is a giant hole and that giant hole is Combat Jiu Jitsu. Obviously real MMA is the best, obviously… UFC fights, that’s the best s--- of course. Im just saying this is something different. Its not as good as MMA…but it’s better than grappling (laughs)… Ultimately I do not want the fights in a cage, it doesn’t look good in a cage. It will looks like shitty MMA in a cage, it would look amazing on Abu Dubai mats, like open mats wrestling mats. Now you’re watching Marcello go at it and he’s punching on the ground?! Come on, that’s super extreme Abu Dubai, nogi extreme!

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Ram Rod site profile image  

6/1/12 4:36 PM by Ram Rod


Swift site profile image  

6/1/12 4:30 PM by Swift

They have in the United States for a long time stuff like the EuropeanJJ called USJJA and ISJJA Sport Jiu jitsu. They had this in the 90's Created by Ernie Boggs. I think the European JJ scene got the idea or is part of ISJJA. All these other sports like Pankration, sport jiu jitsu, Combat JJ can be a preparation for full contact MMA.

jodienda site profile image  

6/1/12 3:29 PM by jodienda

Amen to this. When I started at Carlson's I had been out of a gi for years (I took Judo as a kid so I wasn't a complete noob). I remember getting absolutely tooled by a blue belt in the BJJ class before the fight class. In the fight class, after warmups, we did the 'guy on top can punch, guy on bottom can only throw submissions' drill.I came from years of kickboxing and some amateur proto-mma fights (the Shidokan ammy tournaments in Chicago) and was assigned the striking role in the drill with this bluebelt who had crushed me earlier. I proceeded to lay a brutal relentless beatdown on - to the point where Jr made me stop a couple of times so the guy could compose himself. He had never done any sort of striking before. After eating the first couple of shots, he never was able to pull any sort of offensive guard game at all. BJJ is a fantastic base and all for MMA - but shit gets radically different when you are getting the holy fuck punched out of you.These rules, like those in European JJ, are good to get your feet in the water and not get decapitated by a golden gloves/Muai Thai/Karate prodigy. Euro JJ allows punches kicks and knees - no elbows; clinching is allowed, as are throws and sweeps; all submissions but no striking on the ground. It's a great, vigorous amateur scene in Europe (especially in Poland) that is a relatively safe way to get into full on MMA.Why not have similar sport rules like this here? I see this as good for the sport of MMA.

UGCTT_EnderTL site profile image  

6/1/12 12:35 PM by UGCTT_EnderTL

Aww. I hurt your feelings. I thought you were aware everyone knew you are just a drama whore.Hint: the amount of threads you relentlessly try to stir up shit in gives it away to most people.

G-Hands site profile image  

6/1/12 4:00 AM by G-Hands


Calhoon site profile image  

6/1/12 3:20 AM by Calhoon

It does seem as though Eddie is wanting to take credit for an idea that he didn't create.He simply read an idea off the Internet and then took the idea to a promoter. The promoter then got the sport sanctioned and did all the work it takes to make it into a legit sport.Don't get me wrong I'm glad that he did because I want a sport like this and without his role in communicating the idea to a promoter this sport would have never been made. I think he could have left out the whole " this idea is the brain child of Eddie" bit though. I just think it's classic Eddie to take somebody else's ideas and promote them as his own.

KYRAGRACIEPANTSFAN site profile image  



KYRAGRACIEPANTSFAN site profile image  


I THINK U GOT THIS IDEA REALLY HIGH and i like it ,U DO HAVE ALOT OF "I THINKS" THO might not be as big as u want it to be but none the less if u can get marcelio garcia to come WHY NOT

Calavaro site profile image  

6/1/12 2:21 AM by Calavaro

The idea is wonderful. It would allow JJ guys to gradually move toward "full fighting". One problem though. Is it open for everyone to enter or only JJ guys? I could imagine a CroCop caliber striker with great takedowns coming in and essentially pounding everyone to dust before you can say "rubber guard". Mark Munoz types comes to mind. Anyway, if it is really jiujitsu people practicing their art with strikes on the ground (as the idea states) then I'm all for it. Could make for some compelling ground matches, and not just dump and hump like in MMA. Cage is a bad idea though, it stops the action instead of promoting it. Only a few tweaks here and there and you got a nice little thing going. I hope you'll stream all events world wide.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

6/1/12 1:34 AM by RyannVonDoom

Funny how you responded to it twice.