Palheres: I was sick, but it's not an excuse

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

“I couldn’t do anything, I was too sick. I don’t really wanna talk about it so it doesn’t sound like an excuse and I’m not taking back his credits”, says the fighter. “That’s only going to strengthen me and I’ll become a champion”.

During the fight, the Brazilian insisted on a heel hook, but couldn’t get the finish and was knocked out right after his frustrated attempts.

“When you get it (the position), you gotta really get it. I tried to repeat it, but I was gassing off, I was not strong enough. It wasn’t my day, literally. I was dead, I couldn’t move”, he said.

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Barragan site profile image  

5/31/12 1:28 PM by Barragan

I didn't think I'd ever be saying with this but damn, Brazilians always have an excuse. It's getting really pathetic now.

ANT_P1989 site profile image  

5/31/12 1:17 AM by ANT_P1989

The ONLY thing that was sick, it was Belcher's submission defense!!!If it wasn't an excuse, why the hell would you bring it up in the first place? Lol

UGCTT_FryedTakayama site profile image  

5/31/12 1:12 AM by UGCTT_FryedTakayama

Excellent lol

Nick Fury site profile image  

5/31/12 1:06 AM by Nick Fury

lmao @ Excuse Note. well done!

Scarred site profile image  

5/30/12 10:21 PM by Scarred

Shit i forgot i can't even quote pictures.

Scarred site profile image  

5/30/12 10:19 PM by Scarred

I salute you!

X_Rated site profile image  

5/30/12 9:08 PM by X_Rated

Doesn't matter either way. Belcher was the better man that night and that's all that counts.

Doem site profile image  

5/30/12 9:07 PM by Doem

i believe he was sick based on how he gassed so quickly and how shitty he looked when belcher was in his guard. People get all defensive when a fighter talks about having the flue or staph or an knee injury. If a fighter is disrepectful about it thats one thing but if im going to read an interview i would rather know what the fighter felt was really going on rather some canned response.

Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

5/30/12 9:00 PM by Masakatsu Funaki


xCYBERDYNEx site profile image  

5/30/12 7:33 PM by xCYBERDYNEx