Manager clarifies remarks on Bigfoot's cut, wants ban on ground elbows

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Bigfoot, Cain & Cut

From: AJDavis
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Just got back to Brazil, was in the air, and only now found out about the uproar my comments on MMAJunkie Radio created, so I would like to clarify:

I have seen way worse cuts then the one Cain inflicted on Bigfoot. The problem with this particular cut was not the size or anything, but the profuse bleeding into Bigfoot's eyes. This is not an excuse, it is a fact. I am not here saying that wasnt for the cut, Bigfoot would have won, nor I am making an excuse.

What I am saying, again, is a fact. Had not been the cut, the fight most probably would have gone on, who knows what the outcome might have been, maybe Cain would have won anyways, maybe not.

I also think that elbows on the ground should not be allowed. For the most part, they cause cuts, which are diferent then KOs, TKOs or Subs. They also tend to make a bloody mess, sometimes from relatively minor damage, and this does not help MMA as it tends to alienate many people to the sport.

I didnt mean in no way to diminish Cain's victory, or make an excuse for Bigfoot's defeat, but simply state a fact that myself, and any one else who watched the fight, witnessed.

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victorpoprock site profile image  

6/3/12 6:31 AM by victorpoprock

You're a nhb fan at heart yet you are calling for a ban on elbows? That doesn't even make sense. How the hell can you say elbows make fights boring? Yeah, vicious ground and pound with smashing elbows is so boring. So Mr nhb fan, anything else you want bared from the sport? I've seen some pretty bad cuts from knees too. Maybe we should bar knee strikes. Lots of accidental eye pokes too. Maybe we should bar the grappling aspect and get rid of those fingerless gloves. And you know what?? The gloves are too small. Those things cause major damage. We should probably go ahead and replace them with 16 oz boxing gloves. Would this make the sport safe enough for you nhb fan?

shootfightermike site profile image  

6/2/12 12:14 PM by shootfightermike


Beezulbubba site profile image  

6/1/12 11:51 PM by Beezulbubba

And I'll forgive this, just because MC Peepants is one of my favorite rappers. And you seem to be kinda new here.

Beezulbubba site profile image  

6/1/12 11:48 PM by Beezulbubba

That's right, it was Herrera. Oh, and I forgot about the crows. But yeah, when it comes to the sliders trying to cut, it's just stupid. Yeah, it's allowed, but it's just so, I don't know, cheap, maybe? There is a reason that elbows are called the body's razor, and fist and feet aren't. But there have been some truly nasty cuts without elbows, too. Ax wound looking things. The sport is looking more and more like WWE's brawl for all, basically just kickboxing with takedowns, and now you get the lay-n-prays who can only hold down and elbow, and nothing else. No ground elbows just seem to make people work to improve position and actually fight.But a lot of it is personal opinion, and is much too subjective a subject to argue seriously about.

vruntson site profile image  

6/1/12 8:57 PM by vruntson

Agree 100%. Pride got it right.

orcus site profile image  

6/1/12 7:09 PM by orcus

Who are the "boring" elbowers and why exactly would they not just throw boring pitter-pat body-body-head punches if elbows were not allowed?"Elbows sliding across the forehead can cut you from any position, standing or whatever. I say equalize the terms and give the opponent on the bottom more weapons by legalizing up kicks to a fighter in top control/in the guard."Is there some reason things aren't already equal due to the bottom fighter being allowed to throw elbows too? Florian cut Lauzon with elbows from the bottom, Riggs cut Lytle with an elbow from the bottom.

HELWIG site profile image  

6/1/12 5:54 PM by HELWIG

 Why did Bigfoot try and kick a much faster takedown specialist?

unclehulka13 site profile image  

6/1/12 4:35 PM by unclehulka13

They should ban the shin that Bj threw at Diego. That was a worse cut.

Il Duce site profile image  

6/1/12 4:19 PM by Il Duce

100% agree. Was disappointed to see Cain throwing elbows intended to cut up.Whatever though, I guess it's his decision to make. Elbows sliding across the forehead can cut you from any position, standing or whatever. I say equalize the terms and give the opponent on the bottom more weapons by legalizing up kicks to a fighter in top control/in the guard.

mcpeepants232003 site profile image  

6/1/12 2:52 PM by mcpeepants232003

there have been literally dozens of exciting finishes by elbows. Saying there have only been a couple just exposes your lack of mma knowledge.