Munoz explains Mayhem's behavior immediately before release

by Nate Wilcox | source:

Jason "Mayhem" Miller was cut following his UFC 146 loss to C.B. Dollaway. At the post-fight press conference UFC President Dana White made a cryptic reference to some "bulls--- backstage" that prompted Mayhem's immediate termination. In an interview earlier this week Mayhem denied that there had been any incidents post-fight but did allude to an exchange he'd had with the beloved Burt Watson.

Rumor has it that Mayhem was denied a beer by a UFC staffer, and then spoke innapropriately within her hearing.

Miller's friend and training partner, Middleweight contender Mark Munoz sat down with and offered his view.

"Nothing happened like everyone thinks happened. He was of course dejected from the fight and he went in the back and saw something he wanted and they told him he couldn't have it and he just walked off and said something underneath his breath.

"He didn't throw things or wasn't anything like that. He just said something underneath his breath and people just got upset by that. I'm not going to tell you everything out of respect for Mayhem but to tell you the God's honest truth, he didn't act out."

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6/2/12 3:22 AM by Jake88


Starbuck site profile image  

6/2/12 2:22 AM by Starbuck

Don't believe me?

Starbuck site profile image  

6/2/12 2:21 AM by Starbuck

"DW never called Loretta a C"True...DfW said Loretta is "fxcking dumb", she is "fxcking retarded", "told her to STFU" called her "fxcking stupid" and a "fxcking moron"He called her a "fxcking dumb bxtch" and said "fxck you Loretta Hunt"Also called her source a "fxggot and a pxssy"Don't hold this against me...just repeating what he said.Frankly IDGAF what he said.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

6/2/12 2:06 AM by RyannVonDoom

Like I posted earlier, considering how many insults and slurs he hurls at people.. it's pretty hard to remember if he did or didn't. And i said he may have.. i knew Rogan said that hendricks was a cunt, which i agree 100% with, she is.

mdrndaysamurai site profile image  

6/2/12 1:57 AM by mdrndaysamurai

i've cornered a friend in the ufc more than once and i have NEVER seen anyone sipping a drink.

Drunkenirishfc site profile image  

6/2/12 1:51 AM by Drunkenirishfc

poor mayhem :(

Argo site profile image  

6/2/12 1:45 AM by Argo

It's all Dana's fault.- He wanted Mayhem cut and was going to cut him on any loss. - Dana then instructed the backstage to only deny beer to Mayhem while letting all others have it. Dana was assuring that Mayhem would not get a DUI ... which would have forced Dana to keep him on the roster and probably give Mayhem a title shot.

The Mongoose site profile image  

6/1/12 10:36 PM by The Mongoose

My question is why was the man turned down for a beer.. And would we be happy if that was us; who asked only for our thirsts to be quenched by a delicious Canadian brew.. Cindy what is your opinion?

CindyO site profile image  

6/1/12 10:26 PM by CindyO

 Nope, DW never called Loretta a C. Rogan did say Maggie Hendricks wrote an article that sounded C'ish. Cindy

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6/1/12 8:47 PM by KenBania

Didnt Fricket do shots before his fights?