Cris Cyborg calls out Ronda Rousey


Cris Cyborg announces she wants a shot at Strikeforce 135lbs champion Ronda Rousey after her winning gold at the World Jiu Jitsu Championships.

Both Rousey and Cyborg have had a verbal fight on twitter after Cyborg twittered this Photoshop picture of Carano all bloody and bruised.

Cris Cyborg to Rousey: You’re next. Rousey: You have a d*ck, you d*ck.

If Zuffa decides to put this fight together this will be one of the biggest fights under the Strikeforce banner in recent memory.

Cris Cyborg is serving a one year suspension from testing positive for PED’s early this year.

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kalki site profile image  

6/16/12 8:07 PM by kalki

they should have pissing contest...

RLL site profile image  

6/16/12 6:33 PM by RLL

This. Females should fight females.

Clarence Parents site profile image  

6/16/12 11:38 AM by Clarence Parents

Not interested in seeing Roidberg fight Ronda.

thehenriques site profile image  

6/16/12 11:34 AM by thehenriques

Ronda is scared

Diesel67 site profile image  

6/6/12 5:32 PM by Diesel67

Seems you don't know much about physiology. Give insulin to a diabetic with LOW blood sugar and you KILL him.A combat athlete with low T is in the wrong sport. Give him all the treatment he needs to have a normal life but for sports you have to be clean. And if your friend had the lifelong troubles you describe he needs to see an endocrinologist pronto

Ryan Black site profile image  

6/6/12 6:50 AM by Ryan Black

Oh, and for the record, yes, he was constantly and considerably sick through childhood and through college and highschool especially. He apparently would get colds and flus all the time, and was sick with mono for awhile as a teen, recieved staph infections while wrestling several times but still wrestled through it, because "his father would accept nothing less." He was sick with some kind of virus "every two or three weeks" and in college finally started taking vitamins. I guess that's where the long, dark road to TRT starts, eh? Multi-vitamins enhance performance as well, and they're a gateway drug...

Ryan Black site profile image  

6/6/12 6:42 AM by Ryan Black

Oh fuck it.I give Chael the benefit of the doubt. His voice is pretty high pitched, and comparing a picture of Chael in the 5th grade to a 32yr old Chael, you don't see much difference. I don't think he ever used Anabolic Steroids, I think he legitimately needs the therapy. I'm not "gullible" for giving a man of principle, as a person, the benefit of the doubt. I watched the entirety of the AC hearings on youtube, and he isn't comfortable talking about it. Even if he went through puberty 100% normally, for someone who wrestled since the age he started walking, I wouldn't be surprised if he truly needed it for naturally depleted T levels due to years on the mat. Regardless, you missed my point. I can't for the life of me understand how a guy who benefits from the therapy, health-wise, who paid his dues and earned his way back to a title fight, for ONE bad t:e ratio test, is cinstantly labeled a cheater. Is it an Anderson fan defense mechanism or something? The guy did his time, came back and fought back to a title shot. Deal with it.

Joeldbear762 site profile image  

6/6/12 6:06 AM by Joeldbear762

Check who wrote what homeboy. I just responded to you saying that overeem was on trt.

SpinningBackHeadButt site profile image  

6/6/12 1:38 AM by SpinningBackHeadButt

I think you're the one who's confused. You Replied to my comment with a huge body of writing about why Chael Sonnen isn't a cheater when I had never mentioned Chael Sonnen at all.I said something about overeem, and you agreed with that throughout that article you just wrote. Quit being annoying, bitch.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

6/5/12 10:59 PM by UGCTT_LnPninja

 1st Paragraph in bold: There is your problem, you believe Chael. As you clearly state in the 2nd paragraph, people who have testosterone deficiencies "their whole life" have terrible issues with their body. Chael said he "never went through puberty" and you are believing him. Yet Chael (in the same hearing) said that he "began treatment in 2008". This means that for 15+ years Chael lived with this terrible condition without treatment!!!! The horrors he must have had to go through. Yet somehow, with this terrible condition, Chael managed to excel in high school, college, and semi-OLYMPIC wrestling. Then moving on to MMA he was able to fight for a CHAMPIONSHIP belt in the WEC, and beat many top level opponents (kinda). How could someone who seems to have a personal tie to people who really DO suffer from a terrible condition since birth, believe the complete horseshit that came out of Sonnen's mouth during his "defense" of his steroid use without permission? Are people really this gullible???